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1 Husband, 2 Wives Relationship, Works Because Ladies Are Bi-Sexual…

Posted On : April 26, 2016

The struggle is definitely real, and we mean when it comes to having a relationship…not just getting money. Blogger, AskKissy found this website by a Michigan based couple that includes 1 man and 2 beautiful women. On their website, the caption mentions that their relationship works for them because the ladies are bi-sexual.

I Woke Up Like This 😜 @kristylelove @kenyealove #2Wives1Husband and Family #SisterWives #BigLove #Trio #Triad #Polylove #Polyamory #PolyFamily #LoveIsLove #6Years #And #Counting #Honest #Healthy #Happy #Relationship 👰🏽😎👰🏽👦🏽👧🏽👶🏽 #PolyFacts 👉🏽 Does everyone in a poly relationship have sex with each other?

Some do, many don’t. Some lovers form triads or quads — tight-knit groups of three, four, or more — sharing the love and connection all around. More often, some of the interlinks are merely friendships or acquaintances. Some polyamorous partners prefer to date as a couple, triad or group, and are looking for compatibility romantically and sexually among everyone. Others only have relationships one on one, though often those involved meet and are friends.

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