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21 Savage Pays For Funeral Of Friend’s 3Yr Old Son, Shot And Killed On Easter

Posted On : April 6, 2018

Adorable 3 year-old T’Rhigi Diggs was asleep in the backseat of his mother’s car, Roshonda Craig, on Easter Sunday. As Craig drove, she stopped at an intersection near Texaco gas station. Suddenly, Craig noticed a gray Dodge Charger pulling up next to her and someone pointed a paint gun towards her vehicle. Then, Craig heard the sound of a real gun shot. As she drove away, she quickly realized that her son was shot. T’Rhigi Diggs was taken to the hospital but he died.

Craig created a Go Fund Me to help with the burial costs for her son.  T’Rhigi’s death touched the hearts of many including Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz. Not only was 2 Chainz appalled that an innocent child was murdered, rapper 21 Savage was disgusted as well. To lift a burden off of the family, 21 Savage stepped in to help.

21 Savage Stepped In To Help The Family Of T’Rhigi Diggs:

Atlanta, Georgia mother Roshonda Craig had just finished spending a wonderful Easter with her 3 year-old son, T’Rhigi Diggs. Calling her son her best friend, Craig posted photos of T’Rhigi on her Instagram page of him smiling as he held his Easter basket. In addition to holding an Easter basket, Craig taped her son enjoying an egg hunt. She had no idea that she would never see her son run and laugh again as he was tragically killed that night.

Police officers believe that Craig was not the intended target but that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Authorities believe that Craig and her son were caught in the crossfire of a shootout.

We’re still trying to piece together exactly what happened, Lt. Lonzy Robertson, police spokesman, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The gas station did get sprayed with paint balls about the same time.

According to the Daily Mail, paintball ‘wars’ are a recent fad in Atlanta intended to be a game with an additional purpose of ending gun violence. However, Craig believes that people that are involved in paint ball wars may mistake the guns for real weapons. Interestingly enough, Atlanta rapper 21 Savage is an avid pain ball gun user. It appears that 21 Savage is a friend of  T’Rhigi Digg’s family as he offered to pay for the funeral. Craig shared with the Daily Mail that 21 Savage, whose legal name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was a friend of the family and that his offer was taking a burden off their shoulders.

Thank u for your love and support @21savage

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T’Rhigi Diggs Celebrated His Third Birthday Before He Died:

Before T’Rhigi Diggs was killed, he celebrated his 3rd birthday on March 23rd. Last year, on his 2nd birthday, T’Rhigi had the opportunity to meet 2 Chainz at a autograph signing event. When T’Rhigi was killed, his mother shared his death with 2 Chainz. The Atlanta based rapper than shared the photo that he took with T’Rhigi with the following caption.

I really don’t have many words concerning this matter which is really rare for me . 🙏🏿🙏🏿This young king was killed inna drive by shooting yesterday in Decatur , frankly I’m just appalled man , this kid is around the same age as my son and my heart goes out to his family … we have to do better y’all … how you kill a 3 year old bru ????? How ??? I believe in protecting yourself but I don’t believe in reckless conduct like this I hate it 😢🙏🏿I pray for the fam


Like 2 chainz, the Atlanta community is at a loss for words. The Atlanta rapper shared that he was appalled that a “young king” was murdered.  Chainz is also a father of a young king. It’s extremely frightening to think that you could lose your child at such a young age and in such a horrible way. T’Rhigi’s funeral will be held at Israel Church in Northeast, Atlanta on Saturday at noon. The family expressed that everyone is welcomed to come.

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