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50 Cent Goes Off On A$AP Rocky For Wearin’ Purse, As Young Thug & Future Reveal Name Tattoos

Posted On : May 10, 2018

Over the past couple years, there’s been a noticeable change in the way rappers present themselves. Sagging pants have been replaced with skinny jeans and the former duffle bag boys are, apparently, rockin’ purses and dresses, these days. Yes, you read that right – purses and dresses. Quite a few rappers, namely Young Thug and A$AP Rocky, have fans givin’ them the side-eye for their questionable fashion statements. But now, one rapper is tired of the B.S. and he’s callin’ out A$AP Rocky.

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Not Here For It:

According to Hip Hop Wired, 50 Cent is not here for A$AP Rocky’s Gucci purse, widely known as the “man bag.” So, in true 50 Cent fashion, the famed rapper/actor took Instagram to blast A$AP. On Monday, May 7, 50 posted a photo of A$AP with his Gucci bag and wrote, “I said get the strap, not get the bag smh HARLEM SH*T AGAIN. LOL.”

Check out 50’s post:


As expected, 50 Cent got a reaction from thousands of fans. In fact, the post has nearly 30,000 comments from fans crackin’ up over the post. But fans weren’t the only people commenting on the post. Apparently, it also caught the attention of A$AP Rocky, himself.

A$AP Claps Back:

Now, normally A$AP Rocky is relatively quiet on social media, but this time around he, apparently, felt compelled to speak up. According to HighNSobriety, A$AP actually commented on 50’s post to defend himself. He didn’t cut no corners bashin’ the “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” rapper. “Fif dress like him n Eminem got the same stylist,” A$AP joked. “Oh, u akademics, eneyce, geno green wearing, mecca model in the face ass, u still buy echo 4 ya side hoes.”

Young Thug & Future:

The latest on 50 Cent and A$AP Rocky follows a similar odd situation. For those who missed it, Young Thug and Future made headlines when they revealed they’d gotten tattoos of each others’ names. According to Billboard, the guys claim the tattoos are in honor of their friendship. Hmmm…. So how did all this drama start? Well, during an interview with Spotify, Young Thug was asked about a photo of him and Future riding bicycles together.

If you haven’t seen the photo, in question, check it out below:

No worries….

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That’s when he opened up about his friendship with the “Neva End” rapper and he revealed that have tattoos of each other’s name. “Man, me and this n—a got each other’s names tatted on us,” he said. “That’s how we feel. It’s forever.”

Check out Thugger’s interview with Spotify:

Of course, the interview sparked a media firestorm. Many fans have taken to social media to share their reactions to Young Thug’s confession. Needless to say, most fans admitted they weren’t surprised Young Thug would have another man’s name tatted on him. But Future’s fans were a bit shocked. Now, many are scratchin’ their heads and lookin’ at Future crazy. From the bicycle rides to the tattoos, most fans insist its all a bit gay. However, there are some fans who have defended Thugger and Future. “Rappers can’t be fans of other rappers? There’s normal ass people who get tattoos of rappers they’ve never seen irl. Y’all will tweet anything that will cause controversy,” one Twitter user said.

Check out the tweets:


Today’s rappers are takin’ creativity to a whole new level but many fans aren’t sure they’re ready to embrace these types of changes.

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