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50 Cent Responds To Conor McGregor’s Comments, Floyd ‘Hand Of God’

Posted On : July 14, 2017

Conor McGregor’s fiery comments have reached 50 Cent. And here’s what he has to say regarding Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s fight.

If you’ve been keeping up with the fight hype, you know Conor McGregor recently made some disrespectful comments toward Mayweather, as well as 50 Cent, during the fighters’ press conferences.

50 Cent’s a b***h!” was actually yelled during the last conference in Brooklyn, New York.

WARNING: The following videos contain explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.


To this, Curtis Jackson mentions he doesn’t know what’s going on with the Irish fighter. Essentially, 50 Cent notes McGregor should keep his focus on Mayweather, Jr. because that’s who he’s fighting — not him.

However, one of the more memorable moments of the Toronto press conference is when Conor McGregor insulted Floyd Mayweather by saying the fighter can’t read worth anything.


If you remember, there was a time when 50 Cent and Floyd were going back and forth with each other as well. And 50 took a jab at Floyd’s reading ability. Yet, 50 comments on McGregor as follows.

“He shouldn’t have said that. I can get away with that, but Champ gonna kill him for saying that. LOL OH S**T!!!”

Since the second conference, 50 Cent has spoken with Mayweather about the situation and the boxer is all the way lit. According to Mayweather, he’s going to put the hand of God on McGregor, says Jackson.

“It’s 50, champ about to be 50-0, and the Little leprechaun is just the 50th Victim. Floyd said I’m a put the ‘hand of God’ on that boy. LOL.”

How about you? What do you think is going to happen between Mayweather and McGregor? Will the match be boom or bust?

The last press conference is scheduled for July 14, in London.

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