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After Being Accused Of Cheating, Bow Wow Goes Ballistic, Starts Givin’ Away All His Money

Posted On : July 30, 2018

Bow Wow’s latest social media outburst has fans wondering if he’s really okay. For those who missed Bow Wow’s meltdown, the former rapper went ballistic, started givin’ money away, and told fans he was quittin’ the music industry. The incident happened so fast, it’ll have you wonderin’ what just happened. The latest incident started after a woman blasted Bow Wow and accused him of cheating on his girlfriend, Kiyomi.

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Once A Cheater, Always?:

Over the weekend, Bow Wow took to Instagram with photos of himself and Kiyomi. Almost immediately after he shared the photos, a woman named LaShone clapped back with a recent photo of him with another woman in the VIP section of a club. She captioned the photo, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Apparently, the scathing post got the best of Bow and he completely snapped.

Of course, fans quickly noticed the photo and asked questions about it. LaShone quickly explained saying,”He’s been in the club the last 2 nights being real friendly. Even kicked my friend and me out his section because we was recording, it ain’t like he’s big time.” However, Bow’s fans weren’t the only people who saw the photo. Apparently, he saw it too and he wasn’t pleased at all. The former child rapper wasted no time clapping back with his side of the story about the incident.

He admitted that LaShone and her friend were kicked out of his VIP section and he also explained why. “I don’t do cameras u stupid b***h! Come in my section recording! So we shut your bright a** camera down u got mad so u tweet my b***h. I’d pay a b***h 1000 to slap the lacefrontt off yo dusty a**! This goes for the rest of you h**s! LEAVE ME AND MINE THE F**K ALONE”

However, Bow didn’t stop there. He also went off on bloggers. “I hate you f**king bloggers too! Shade RoomIi f**k with. All you other gossiping a** hateful sites F**K YOU! your comment sections F**K YOU! SMASH OR PASS BULLS**T I WOULDNT F**K YOU UGLY I SHOP AT LANE BRYANT B**CHES EVER! F**K YOU!”

According to B. Scott, Bow Wow also said he was going to quit the rap game for a job at Game Stop.

Free Money For All:

Bow Wow even went a step further tellin’ fans his plan to give all of his money away via Cash App. “I’m cash apping all my money away today. So if you want some free money yall can have it… lets see if you think money makes you happy.” Since fans weren’t sure if Bow was jokin’ or not. Some actually took him up on his offer. One fan wrote, “I mean if you’re offering. Please and thanks.”

Surprisingly, Bow Wow responded to that tweet as well. He tweeted, “You can at least say thanks my brother. Go pay your phone or go shop or sumn. GOD BLESS YOU.”

Seeking Help:

Shortly after the Bow’s blow up, he took to social media again and revealed his plans to seek the help of a therapist. To most fans, it’s definitely needed considering how quickly Bow flipped out. However, that particular post has been removed from Instagram. Hopefully, Bow Wow does seek the help he needs before he goes off the deep end again. Best of luck to Bow Wow.

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