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Because Of An Alleged Dirty Cop, Meek Mill Gets A New Hearing In April And Might Be Set Free

Posted On : February 16, 2018

Rapper Meek Mill’s case has been anything but ordinary. He has been on probation stemming from a 2007 arrest involving drugs and gun possession for about a decade. A controversial ruling resulting in a probation violation led to a prison sentence of 2-4 years which he is now serving. But all of that could change on April 16.

Two months from now Meek will go before Genece Brinkley, the judge who put him behind bars in the first place, to ask that the court throw out his original conviction. One of the arresting officers, Reginald graham, appears on a list of names compiled by the previous district attorney branding him as corrupt and/or racially biased.

It has also been revealed that Graham lied under oath when he testified against Meek at trial. Former police officer Jerold Gibson testified that Graham admitted to creating the false narrative that the rapper pointed a gun at him. Gibson’s affidavit along with one given by a second corroborate Graham’s fabrication.

Meek’s attorney Joe Tacopina isn’t surprised at the news about Graham committing perjury. The legal team has always had proof that Meek is innocent. But they were unable to effectively defend their client, in part, because they were not informed of the DA’s secret list. This information should have been shared in discovery. Tacopina said that it would have changed the outcome of the case and that is why they are petitioning the court now.

“The news of this secret list, which includes the only officer to testify under oath against Meek Mill, is troubling but not surprising because we knew all along that the information officer Graham gave in court was false,” Tacopina told Page Six.

Tacopina is hopeful, but the current DA is refusing to release the other 25 names on the list to the public. Some 800 cases have already been dropped after the former DA was convicted of corruption. Meek’s legal team is certain that his should have been included. Tacopina is convinced that hundreds more could have been railroaded by dirty cops. He says that a win for Meek could mean good news for many more.

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