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Amazing…Kanye Just Made A Wish Come True For A Fan Dying Of Cancer

Posted On : January 9, 2018

To many fans, Kanye West often comes across as the unapproachable, arrogant type, but the rapper recently revealed he does have a softer side. According to VIBE magazine, the rapper just made a dying fan’s dreams come true and fans everywhere are applauding him for the heartfelt gesture.

The Surprise Call:

It has been reported that one of the girl’s dying wishes was to FaceTime with her favorite rapper, Kanye West. Apparently, the news got back to Kanye and he decided to make the little girl’s dream come true. It is unclear how Kanye learned of the girl’s request, but he reached out shortly after hearing about her. During her final hours, she finally got the call she’d been dreaming of. Kanye called and chatted with the little girl for quite some time. He even granted a special request. When she asked the Yeezus rapper to spit lyrics from her favorite song, “I Love Kanye,” he was more than happy to do what he does best.

Shortly after Kanye spoke with the young girl, she passed. On January 3, a woman who knew the girl took to Twitter to share details about her death. She also praised Kanye for making the girl’s final memories so sweet. “This girl in my town had cancer and Kanye called her a couple days ago to rap for her,” Debbie began. “I think Kim was there too. Wasn’t even blasted on social media or anything. She passed yesterday. I have so much respect for him tho. Making her happy in her last moments.”

Kim Kardashian-West also responded to the woman’s tweet confirming her husband’s call with the girl. She also revealed they had been praying for the girl’s family during this difficult time.

Fans Reaction:

Once the FaceTime call made headlines, fans everywhere praised Kanye for taking time out of his busy schedule to make the little girl’s dream come true. For most fans, the gesture sheds light on a different kind of Kanye; one who is sincere and loving. One fan tweeted, “Team Kanye Thank you for making that person feel good for last hours on this earth N I know that meant a lot to her N her family for you N Kim to be there N do that for them. God bless you N Kim N Your beautiful family.”

Kudos to Kanye and prayers up to the little girl’s family during this difficult time.

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