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Iconic Rapper Scarface Shuts Down Lung Cancer Rumors, But Fans Are Not Convinced

Posted On : September 10, 2018

When it comes to celebrities and their health, it’s often quite difficult for them to keep their personal lives out of the public eye. Unfortunately, there’s always someone sharing details about their lives behind closed doors. In most cases, the person spillin’ the tea is usually someone close to them. Now, it looks like Texas rapper Scarface is at the center of the latest rumors. But, are the rumors true?

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Battling Lung Cancer:

According to Bossip, an insider claims the “Mary Jane” rapper – whose real name is Brad T. Jordan – is battling lung cancer. Scarface’s “chain-smoking” cigarettes and marijuana is what allegedly triggered his reported condition. Reports suggest the aggressive and potentially deadly disease has taken a serious toll on the Houston legend.

While he reportedly does have good days, the ailing condition has been an emotional rollercoaster, according to the insider. It has even been reported that there have been times when Scarface has reportedly been receiving treatment at the Memorial Hermann Medical Center in Houston, TX and left in tears due to his suffering.

We’re told his condition has been up and down, and he had a close call a few months ago, telephoning a loved one in tears to complain that he was having trouble breathing and he believed it was the end. However, the former ‘Geto Boys’ member was able to bounce back and has booked a number of performances and other engagements since. – Bossip

Over the past couple of years, Scarface has spent most of his time away from the limelight. In many cases, the older rappers get, they tend to focus on their personal lives and other business ventures. So, it didn’t come as a surprise to fans when he stepped back from rap.

Now fans are wondering if his health was the reason he fell back. Since rumors tend to circulate relatively fast, it didn’t take long for Scarface to hear all the chatter. In a series of tweets, he assertively clapped back, but his reaction still has people wondering if the rumors are true or not.

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Scarface Claps Back:

In response to the latest rumors, Scarface took to Twitter to share his reaction. He tweeted, “The internet will kill you quicker than a gun will.”

He went on to express sympathy for those who are battling cancer and concluded by shutting down the rumors about his health. “I sympathize with people who are really sick with cancer God be with you… And as happy as the news of me being down will make some it will also make them even sadder to know its all untrue I’m alive and well yea I know.”

Fans’ Reaction:

Although Scarface is denying the cancer rumors, fans aren’t exactly convinced he’s being honest. Since it’s a very personal topic, most people understand why he wouldn’t want to openly discuss it. Many fans have shared their reaction to Scarface’s latest tweets.

“Wow…if we lose him, hip-hop is truly not the same. He is easily one of hip hops strongest pillars,” one fan wrote. “Oh no this is horrible. I pray he pulls through. I am so effing sick of cancer. When are they going to find a dammm cure?” another concerned fan wrote.

Regardless of the speculation, Scarface has made it clear the rumors aren’t true. Hopefully, he’s doin’ just fine.

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