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Animated Boosie Stands With R. Kelly, Cosby & Usher: ‘They Didn’t Take No P*%sy!!’

Posted On : August 29, 2018

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Baton Rouge, LA bred rapper, Boosie, has always been known for keepin’ it 100 with his fans. That’s why his interviews are usually entertaining to watch, which was also the case for his recent interview with VladTV. Turns out, Bossie Badazz had much to say about male celebrities- in particular, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Usher, and Mike Tyson- who have been accused, convicted, and/or tried of any type of sexual wrongdoing.

Boosie On R. Kelly

During the interview, the topic of the recent backlash that R. Kelly’s received, for having several legal aged women voluntarily living at his homes, was discussed. Like many, the interviewer, Vlad, expressed confusion about that particular backlash, stating that R. Kelly actually isn’t breaking the law this time, by having young ladies at his home. He also pointed out that R. Kelly is no different from the late Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, who didn’t catch flack for having several young girlfriends living at his Playboy mansion.

Boosie then revealed how pissed off he was by the double standards placed on Black celebs, versus all others. He used R. Kelly -whom he repeatedly referred to as “The King” in the interview- and the backlash as an example:

Boosie- “When people put a black cloud over your head, that motherf**ker is hard to get off. That’s what happened to R.Kelly, man…If that was a regular R&B artist who had legal girls, it wouldn’t be nothing, but it’s R.Kelly. He had a black cloud over his head that’s why that do that to that man. Now you want to take his music off Spotify. I got mad. I got in my feelings. I put a post up on Instagram ‘How the f**k you gonna f**k with that man’s music!?’ Now you going too far, man. …

Half of everybody was made by R.Kelly. I know my race was made by R. Kelly. Keith Sweat and R. Kelly…How y’all going to take his music off [Spotify]? Y’all motherf**kas trippin.’ … What about all the other mothaf**kas that got charges for all other kinds of sh*t…did y’all take they music off?”

Boosie On Bill Cosby

At one point in the interview, Vlad asked Boosie about Bill Cosby’s conviction. That’s when Boosie made it clear that he did not agree with Cosby getting convicted for sexual assault. He immediately shook his head in disappointment, while simultaneously telling jurors (past, present, and future) that male celebs do not have to sexually assault women, because countless females offer them sex everyday:

“I’m talking to the jury- Every night a celebrity has women that offer themselves to them, offer their lovin’ to them, beautiful women. N****s don’t have to grab arms, we don’t have to do that because women are infatuated with us.” -Boosie

On Russell Simmons

A few of Russell Simmons’ sexual assault accusers claimed that assaulted them in the 1980’s, but they didn’t publicly say anything until now. Y’all already know Boosie had a lil’ somethin’ to say about that too:

“Now they f**kin’ with Russell Simmons, talking ’bout Russell Simmons touching bi**hes. Man had 300 million something dollars in the ’80’s. What the f**k this man gotta ask for pu&&y for, or try to take pu&&y, or rub on pu&&y?,” said Boosie.

Boosie: ‘They Ain’t Taking No Pu&&y…Accusers Just Mad’

When it comes to male celebrities, Boosie is adamant that they “ain’t taking pu&&y, man” and that instead celebs “gotta make pu&&y go away” because it’s offered up to them in droves on the daily.

Therefore, Boosie’s conclusion is that all of the latest accusers who have suddenly come forward with claims against Bill Cosby, Russell, R. Kelly, Mike Tyson and even Usher, are simply “mad” they didn’t “end up” in longterm relationships with them. He further questioned why the accusers hadn’t come forth sooner.

Check out Boosie’s full interview up top and let us know what’chall think about this?

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