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Beyonce’s Play Cuz Posts NEW Bootiful Pics, Makes Internet Thirsty Again!

Posted On : April 6, 2016

Beyonce cousin

So ever since the chick who was deemed Beyonce’s cousin damn near broke the internet in that now infamous funeral photo a couple weeks ago, people have been crazy thirsty for more shots of her, or if we keep it all the way real- for more shot’s of her a$$. No disrespect intended, just being honest.

Beyonce cousin

Well now that day has finally arrived, because Kristin, the woman we now label as Bey’s “play cuz'” since she confirmed that she wasn’t Beyonce’s real cuz,’ has posted some new photos of her voluptuous BODY for y’all to check out and in some cases, probably lust over. Although Kristin (who is a nurse in real life), is not one to flaunt her assetts every chance she gets, she just can’t hide her beautiful face and that big ol’ donk-a-donk no matter how hard she may try. Hell, the fact that she actually tries to keep it pretty much concealed, makes it even more intriguing because she isn’t relying on her a$$, it’s just kind of taking on a whole new social media following of it’s own. Here is a quick gallery of Bey’s play-cuz,’ Kristen, in all of her Destiny’s Child “Bootylicious” glory…and in the words of Arsenio Hall’s preacher character from “Coming To America,” Kristin reminds us “that there is a Gawd-ah somewhere!”

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