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On Big Pun’s Birthday, His Son Is Exposing His Father’s Abuse

Posted On : November 10, 2017

When most fans think of the late Big Pun, they only remember the fun-loving guy they saw in rap videos. The big man who made fans everywhere nod their heads to his hit records like “I’m Not a Player” and “100%.” But behind closed doors, it was rumored that he was anything but a fun-loving guy.

In fact, the late rapper’s, Chris Rivers, recently released a music video to give fans a glimpse of what life was like for him and his mother, according to BET. The captivating music video for his song “Fear of My Crown” has fans everywhere talking and many are seeing Big Pun in a totally different light.

Pun the Abuser:

If you haven’t seen the video, Chris will definitely capture your attention with the depiction of his father. He revealed how his mother suffered severe abuse at the hands of his father. Of course, the video, which was released via Facebook, has caused quite a stir but Chris refuses to back down.

He’s adamant about shedding light on the lasting effects of domestic abuse. 

“Growing up in an extremely abusive household, I’ve gotten to see all the subtle nuances and the major effects as well that trickle down from these events,” the 22-year-old said. “I️ want everyone who has been through any form of abuse to know that these things do not decide your worth. These things do not lessen your character or the value of your spirit.”

Check out the video below:

Shedding Light On Domestic Abuse:

Chris also had an inspirational message for those silently suffering from the effects of domestic violence. “You are not a victim and you do not need to repress these things or hide behind a mask that you’ve created to deter prying eyes,” Chris added. “You are a warrior. You are a king, a queen and above all you are priceless.” He also encouraged viewers to share the video in an effort to raise awareness about domestic abuse. “Please share to spread awareness of these things that happen all to often please watch the video and please don’t feel alone,” he said.

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