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Was Nicki’s Photo With Nas A Subliminal Diss To Meek Mill? Here’s The Latest

Posted On : May 17, 2017


Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill split up months ago, but it looks like there’s still drama going on between the two. Last week, it was rumored that Nicki may already have a new love interest, but now Meek is the one turning heads. Apparently, the “I’m A Boss” rapper has eyes for a new woman and he’s wasted no time lavishing her with expensive gifts – a ring to be exact.

Matching Rings?:

According to Dallas Black, Meek and his rumored new girlfriend, Nessa, reportedly have matching rings. Shortly after the split from Nicki, Meek posted an Instagram photo wearing an expensive ring. Although most of his fans probably thought nothing of it, the ring recently resurfaced this past weekend. On Sunday, May 14, Nessa took to Instagram wearing the same ring Meek had. It’s unclear whether or not the ring is a matching one or if it’s Meek’s, but the photos capture both of them wearing the same ring.

Check out the photos:



Nicki’s Reaction:

Now, fans are wondering how Nicki feels about Meek moving on. But, it appears Nicki could care less about Meek’s new love interest because she’s doing her own thing. An insider recently shared details about Nicki’s alleged take on the situation. “Nicki’s not tripping on Meek and doesn’t really care who he’s dating, what he’s doing, or who he’s buying rings for. That’s the other chick’s problem and if she’s waiting on Meek to propose, Nicki wouldn’t suggest that girl hold her breath.”

The insider also revealed what led to Nicki and Meek’s split. Apparently, Nicki was waiting for Meek to take things to the next level but unfortunately, that never happened. “Nicki grew tired of waiting on Meek to make a move in the relationship. “Meek’s always been a coward when it comes to stepping up to the plate and doing anything serious,” the source explains. “Nicki seriously thinks he’s scared of women, especially a boss one like she is.”

However, the latest on Meek raises more questions about Nicki’s Instagram photo with Nas. By now, most rap fans know all about Nicki and Nas’ photo that turned heads last week. The two looked quite cozy sitting together and fans immediately wondered if the two were dating. But, like Meek and Nessa, Nas and Nicki appear to be wearing matching jewelry as well – medallions. So, fans are now wondering if the photo was a subliminal diss to Meek and Nessa. Nicki’s caption for the photo also raises speculation.

Check it out:

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Right now, the speculation has yet to be confirmed, but things should get much more interesting as the summer approaches.

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