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After Blasting Jermaine Dupri For Slander, Bow Wow Makes Public Apology

Posted On : September 27, 2018

Earlier this week, Bow Wow shocked fans when he blasted Jermaine Dupri. Since Bow and JD have so much history, the So So Def CEO’s confession about his relationship with Bow Wow was just as surprising as the former child star’s clapback. But now, just days after the social media beef, Bow Wow has changed up again and he’s apologizing to Jermaine Dupri.

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My Bad:

According to BET, Bow Wow took to Twitter yesterday with a message to Jermaine Dupri. Although he had colorful remarks for JD earlier this week, now he’s apologizing to his former mentor.

“Want to apologize to my fans and the public and my SSD family lately i been tripping and acting like a f**k boy. My mind is clear im back on track thanks to GOD! see you on the road. Forgive me for my immature ways. Lets handle business. Thanks”

Based on the tweets, it looks like Bow Wow will be hitting the road with the So So Def fam. He continued, “Forgive. Im sorry. Im back focused. Time to release ‘Broken Heart’ see you on tour. Im a pisces .. what can I say”

Bow Didn’t Do Drugs?:

The latest news follows Jermaine Dupri and Xscape’s appearance on The Breakfast Club. During the radio interview, the So So Def veterans discussed the upcoming tour and since Bow Wow is part of the fam, it comes as no surprise that he was mentioned.

But when Jermaine Dupri was asked about Bow Wow’s claim of battling drug abuse, he quickly refuted those claims. According to JD, his former protege never touched drugs.

“…See that’s what I’m saying, I don’t follow that sh*t. I have never seen Bow Wow do any drugs around me. And Bow Wow’s never been to jail. He never had any cases beating on women – nothing!”

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Shortly after Jermain Dupri’s interview, Bow Wow sounded off via Twitter sayin’, “Tell me how you really feel…This ain’t what family do…not feeling it.” Then, he even went a step further insisting that he would not be hitting the road for the upcoming So So Def 25th anniversary tour. With the tour hashtag #SSD25, Bow Wow tweeted, “I wont be there #ssd25.”

To make matters worse, Bow Wow still wasn’t done. He even decided to share a few details about his So So Def contract. Although fans are well aware Bow Wow has always been associated with So So Def, he attempted to dissociate himself from the label altogether.

“News- I never was signed to so so def ‘contractually’ I was always on Columbia. They let JD produce my album because he was on columbia. Why you think when he left he aint take me? He couldnt. 3rd album he was no where to be found on it FACTS.”

Check out a few of Bow Wow’s posts:

Fans’ Reactions:

Although Bow Wow has taken the mature approach to the situation by apologizing to JD, fans are still givin’ him the side eye because this appears to be another example of his ongoing erratic behavior. For those who don’t know, there’s been alot of ups and downs with Bow Wow and fans are wonderin’ whats really goin’ on with him.

But apparently, things have changed over the past couple days. Since Bow Wow claims he’s focused again, hopefully he stays that way. The So So Def fam definitely has work to do.

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