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Boosie’s Baby Mama Makes Murderous Claim Against Him & Leaks His Secret Phone Call

Posted On : July 16, 2018

Rapper, Boosie Badazz, and his daughter’s mother, Rochelle Wagner, have a tumultuous relationship. Just last year, the two were in court, battling over custody of their daughter, Toriana Hatch. While Boosie prides himself on being a good father, Wagner claims that he is not what people think he is. On Instagram, she leaked a taped phone call of Boosie allegedly threatening her. In addition, old wounds were stirred when Boosie reportedly mentioned her deceased brother, Terry Boyd. Boosie was acquitted of Boyd’s murder, but Wagner claims that acquittal doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

Claims Boosie’s A Bad Dad & She Never Wanted Him To Father Her Child

Rochelle Wagner took to Instagram to make many claims against Boosie. Despite the fact that Boosie claims Wagner was a jump off, Wagner claims that they spent time together. She says that Boosie lived with her and her mother at one point. Wagner revealed she was only 16 when she began her relationship with Boosie. From their relationship, Boosie, whose real name is Torrence Hatch, and Wagner share a daughter, Toriana Hatch. Wagner shared that she is angry that Boosie fronts like he’s a model father, when in reality he is not, according to her. She also claims that she never wanted Boosie to be her child’s father.


Boosie’s Baby Momma Claims He Called Their Daughter A B*tch:

Rochelle Wagner also played a voicemail message, on Instagram Live, in which she claims Boosie stated that he was taking their daughter, Tori, out of his will. It is clear that it is Boosie’s voice, however, it’s unclear if he was talking about his daughter, or Wagner. According to Wagner, their daughter was crying as Boosie allegedly threatened to blacken her eye and reportedly call her a “b*tch.” In the recording, Wagner suggests that it appears Boosie alluded to having killed his daughter’s uncle/Wagner’s brother, Terry Boyd, and that Wagner was next. The Louisiana rapper can be heard repeatedly saying he will “put a bag” (slang for hiring a hitman) on his baby’s mom. Boosie was previously accused of hiring a hitman to murder Wagner’s brother, Boyd, but he was eventually acquitted of the charges.


Details…Boosie Once Accused Of Murdering Daughter’s Uncle In 2009:

According to NOLA, Boosie and Terry Boyd (Rochelle Wagner’s brother) had bad blood between them. Adrian Pittman, a reported associate of Boosie and the alleged getaway driver, claims that Boyd was threatening Boosie. Pittman claims that Boosie was angry with Boyd and had offered $25,000 to anyone who was willing to murder Boyd. On October 20, 2009, Boosie was accused of receiving a letter, indicating where Boyd could be found. At that time, it was alleged that Pittman drove Michael Louding, a 17 year-old hitman, to where Boyd was staying. Another man, Michael “Ghost” Judson, allegedly rode with Pittman and Louding as well. Judson has since been killed.

Pittman testified that he dropped Judson and Louding at a street close to where Boyd was staying. Pittman claimed that as he waited in the car, he heard gun shots and then received notification to pick Louding and Judson back up. Terry Boyd was dead. Despite the allegation that Boosie promised to pay $25,000, Boosie was instead accused of paying $2,800 to Louding for the alleged murder of Boyd. After just an hour of deliberation, the jury in the first-degree murder trial of Torrance “Lil Boosie” Hatch, returned a unanimous not-guilty verdict.

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