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Jermaine Dupri Goes On Air & Denies ‘Following’ Bow Wow, The Clap Back Is Real

Posted On : September 24, 2018

Back and the day, Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow were together like glue; where you saw one, you saw the other. In fact, Bow Wow often described JD as a mentor during the early years of his rap career. But apparently, things between JD and Bow Wow weren’t always as great as they seemed.

For those who missed it, the So So Def CEO and Xscape recently appeared on The Breakfast Club. During the radio interview, he revealed interesting details about his past with Bow Wow; things most fans have probably never heard. Based on Bow Wow’s clap back, he wasn’t too pleased with JD’s statements. It all started when JD was asked about Bow Wow’s recent erratic behavior.

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Erratic Behavior:

Since the So So Def crew was in the house, it comes as no surprise that Bow Wow was mentioned. But what was surprising to some fans was JD revealing there’s a wedge between them now.

“I don’t even be following Bow Wow, by the way. Yeah, why? For what? How long have been dealing with this? This is not – this has been everyday of my life since he was 12 years old. Bow Wow’s been the same.”

Lies Or Nah?

Following the death of Mac Miller, Bow Wow took to Instagram with a lengthy post about the dangers of drug abuse. The former child star claimed he also went through a dark period where he abused drugs. In fact, Bow Wow even revealed his PR team attempted to cover up an overdose by releasing a statement insisting he’d been hospitalized due to dehydration.

So, what does JD have to say about all of that? During the radio interview, JD was told about Bow Wow’s claims after Mac Miller’s death and he quickly offered a totally different perspective insinuating the exact opposite of what Bow Wow had to say. He admitted he, personally, never saw Bow Wow do any drugs.

“Really?” JD asked. “See that’s what I’m saying, I don’t follow that sh*t. I have never seen Bow Wow do any drugs around me. And Bow Wow’s never been to jail. He never had any cases beating on women – nothing!”

Bow Wow Claps Back:

Since we live in a social world, it definitely didn’t take long for word to travel. Shortly after JD’s interview, Bow Wow took to Twitter with a link to the video and a caption that shared his response to JD’s claims. Bow Wow tweeted,

Then, Bow Wow took to Instagram with the clip, but included a different caption that read, “Tell me how you really feel” adding, “This ain’t what family do…not feeling it.”

As expected, Bow Wow’s posts have caught the attention of lots of fans and now the Instagram post has more than 2,000 comments. Many fans have shared their reaction to JD’s interview. While some are defending Bow Wow insisting JD was wrong, others are curious to know the deeper meaning behind JD’s words.

“I really think he’s defending your character because he said no matter what is on social media you’re still his Shad that doesn’t have a drug problem, never been arrested and doesn’t beat women. No matter what anyone says he is saying I know him and nothing has changed.”

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But others have encouraged Bow Wow to have a sit down with JD to hash things out since they have so much history. Another fan wrote, “Pick up the phone and call that man…..or better yet go to his house and talk about it like men. Too many years invested for this.”

Bow Wow still has yet to respond to JD’s claims about his alleged drug use.

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