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Cardi B Posts Video Getting ‘Fingered’ By Offset, Fans Praise Her ‘Realness’

Posted On : September 6, 2018

UNITED STATES — When people have a certain perception, it doesn’t matter what happens in contrast. Their thoughts will most likely stay the same.

In general, people like Belcalis “Cardi B” Almanzar because she’s authentic and herself — “real,” if you will. While gaining her celebrity status, she’s done plenty that would set social media ablaze were it someone else.

Most recently, she posted a video on Instagram “celebrating” her 6-week hiatus from sex. You know, she just had a child and all.

In the video, you see her and husband Kiari “Offset” Cephus kissing. Then…Cardi pans the camera down to show her legs opened, with the hubby’s hand seemingly taking Patrick Star’s advice.


Check the spicy video below.

According to Cardi, Offset wasn’t exactly fingering her — only because she had on leather shorts. However, the rapper further states that she wishes it would’ve went down.

“OMG, I wish I was cause a hoe was horny AF. Like, my s**t was JUICY!”

She says she’s surprised by some people’s responses — the few who did give backlash comments regarding her video.

Cardi explains that she raps about sexual topics all the time and admits to being a “nasty freak.”

The rapper notes that she was reserved, even up to the months before her pregnancy. Eventually though, her philosophy changed to “Why TF??”

Given that fans know her topic, how she enjoys being “nasty,” and that she was “a whole stripper” before her rap career, Cardi says she shouldn’t have to limit herself or try to act like an angel.

“You wanna know what sooo funny…I don’t see my fans complaining about the instasnap,” Cardi tweets. “All i see is other artists [fans] mad at it. Like why? Why ya so worried? Worry about your fav artists don’t worry about Cardi!”


It comes across biased when people allow Cardi to slide while — at the same time — condemning fellow rap star Nicki Minaj for similar expression, even when it’s seemingly out of their control. Take for instance, her latest wardrobe malfunction.

Just days ago, Nicki’s breasts were revealed during her “Made in America” concert. Although we show an edited clip here, unedited footage is also available online if you’re so interested.


According to Nicki, as she readied to hit the stage, crew members put “pasties” over her nipples. Unfortunately for her, she thought they were her normal, non-see-through ones.

“Chile… ummmm they were not!” Minaj mentions via Twitter.

Throughout Nicki’s performance, her anatomy continued to educate the audience during the best Human A&P lecture ever.

But of course, there’s only so much you can teach before you just toss your hands up like, “IDGAF…whatever.”

Eventually, Minaj took the situation for what it was and played it to the crowd. Prior to starting “MotorSport,” she stated:

“You know what? Let’s go…They done saw my nipples at least 50 times, tonight!”


Neither Nicki Minaj nor Cardi B are rappers who shy away from being highly sexual and expressive. So, really, why is all this biased hate spewing on Nicki’s side?

Minaj is “desperate for attention,” but Cardi is just being “real?”

How does that work?

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