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Cardi B.’s Ex-Roommate Puts Her On Blast, Speaks Out w/ Bombshell Claims About Their Past

Posted On : September 14, 2018

Cardi B.’s name has been all over the place following her jaw-droppin’ brawl with Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week. As expected, lots of fans have quite a bit to say about the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, and even celebrities have offered their take. But, now another interesting report about Cardi has surfaced and fans are definitely wonderin’ if the claims are true. According to Bossip, Cardi’s past is comin’ back to haunt her and it’s all because of her former roommate, an ex-stripper named Starmarie.

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Cardi Don’t Like Black People?:

It has been reported Starmarie is spillin’ all kinds of tea about Cardi’s past. From their lives behind closed doors at the strip club to claims about Cardi’s alleged hatred towards black people, Starmarie is comin’ for the rapper’s head. Starmarie recently took to Instagram Live with a series of detailed videos where she gave Cardi’s fans details about her past acquaintance with the rapper prior to the rise of her rap career. Apparently, there’s a reason why Cardi stopped strippin’ and it had nothin’ to do with her pursuin’ her career.

According to Starmarie, Cardi was actually fired as a result of lies and an issue involving a client who “didn’t want to pay for her sex because she ‘smelled like fish.’” Out of anger, Cardi reportedly told the club managers she had a disease in order to get fired. Although she claims the man was attracted to her, she insists she “shut him down” because Cardi was her friend. While fans are still reeling over Cardi’s fight with Nicki, it doesn’t seem like Starmarie is too surprised because she claims Cardi has a history of physical violence. Starmarie alleges Cardi punched her in the face and “threw a hot cup of coffee on her out of anger.”

Check out the series of videos:


But she didn’t stop there. Starmarie even went a step further claimin’ Cardi is racist toward black people. She recalled a time when Cardi actually told her “to stop telling people she was Black because she was ‘too pretty to be Black.’” Cardi allegedly insisted she, ‘Say you’re mixed with Spanish.’”

Fans’ Reaction:

As expected, Starmarie has caught the attention of lots of people on social media. While Cardi B.’s die-hard fans have slammed Starmarie and her claims, some people actually believe she could be telling the truth. In fact, many fans have shared their reaction to the racial comments Cardi reportedly made. One fan wrote, “Just because she had a baby with that googly-eyed cheating black man of hers, that doesn’t mean she favors black women. It’s apparent that Cardi thinks that black women are beneath her because of her mixed heritage. And really, the only reason why she gets down with black men is because they put her on a pedestal for the same reason. But when you really think about it, who else would want her?”

Another reader wrote, “Although I think this story is false I will say, you’ll be surprised how many non-black women hate us but love black men. When they have kids, especially daughters, they make sure it be known that they are mixed.” Cardi B. has yet to respond to the claims but there’s a strong possibility she’ll have somethin’ to say because she rarely backs down.

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