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They Tried To Clown Chamillionaire, But Here’s How He Could Afford That ‘Finals’ Courtside Seat And Much More

Posted On : June 15, 2017

Real talk, Chamillionaire never even has to give a passing glance at rap or music again for the rest of his life. No, it’s not due to ringtones either.

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA — Just by the location, alone, you see what I’m getting at, right?

Although Hakeem “Chamillionaire” Seriki has chosen to keep his “urban” look, he’s gone “tech.” And trust, his money is longer than Nicki Minaj’s hair right now. #Investments.


According to Chamillionaire, at his office in Silicon Valley, all kinds of people come through to talk to him — from “scientists, Ivy League graduates, people who have brilliant ideas and ‘people who are just winging it’,” says the known rapper.

Clowning but don’t know the details…

Sure, it’s been years since Chamillionaire has had a hit song. Probably the last worldwide song people knew was “Ridin’.”


Well, at one point, yes. Chamillionaire had one of the top grossing ringtones in the industry — if not THE top.

But when you’re making cashflow like that, what do you do with it? Do you blow it? Floss? Buy jewelry? Jordans? Whips?

Nah, not Chamillionaire…

He wanted to rise above the industry.

In an interview with Noisey, the rapper said he was tired of staying where he was — regarding his circle.

As the source notes, Chamillionaire wanted to be a “Chabillionaire.”

“I walked around the music industry for a bunch of years, right? I saw a lot of rich people. I didn’t see wealthy.”


Essentially, Seriki figured out he was in the wrong industry. The music industry is like a pyramid scheme.

Even Drake, through all his success and wonder, he’s still answering to Cash Money Records, as well as Young Money.

Imagine how much further OVO would be if they were totally independent.

Drake gave Cash Money nine of its Top 10 biggest hits! Absolutely crazy.

So, what did Chamillionaire do so differently?…

Well, he switched industries. That’s why you haven’t seen much of him. He’s in the background now. Best place to be, right?

“I got into the tech industry, I see wealthy every day,” says Hakeem Seriki.

“The Snapchat CEO is 24 years old and a billionaire. How many billionaires do I have to walk around the music industry to find? I’m in Silicon Valley, I’m in L.A., I’m in Santa Monica, and I’m seeing billionaires all over the place. And they’re young. That’s not in the music industry.”

“Coming up as a rap artist, man, I come from a world where people couldn’t just walk into a room and just get all this money,” says Seriki. “You had to be a rapper or a basketball player and you had to be exceptionally great at that.”

But, he’s around true wealth everyday now.

“To be in the midst of that is just amazing to me,” Chamillionaire expresses.

So, yeah. He could definitely afford courtside seats. Hell, he could probably afford everybody’s courtside seat.

Even though the memes were funny, Seriki’s pockets are way deep right now.

But like Kendrick Lamar, dude is just humble.

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