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Comedian Deray Explains Why He Has 2 Girlfriends, And If He Has 3Sums

Posted On : June 4, 2016

Who knew Comedian Deray Davis had game like that? Well if you didn’t know, Deray got 2 girlfriends, and he’s been ridiculed for having them, but he talked about why this unconventional relationship works for him.

They Are All “Best riends

delray-2-girlfriends-1The Living With Funny star said he was dating two girls at the same time, and instead of breaking it off with one of them and risk getting his “windows busted,” he asked them if they would be down to all be together. The comedian says most men have two girlfriends anyway, they just keep it a secret. So this relationship works for him because they are all “best friends.” They live together…and sleep in the same bed...
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