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On The Same Day XXXTentacion Was Killed, Another Rising Rapper Lost His Life

Posted On : June 20, 2018

On June 18th in Deerfield, Florida, TMZ first reported that rapper XXXTentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy was motorcycle shopping when someone ran up to his car and shot him. An eyewitness told TMZ that the rapper looked lifeless after the violent attack, and he apparently had no pulse. Then, just hours after XXXTentacion,20, was senselessly murdered, up and coming rapper Jimmy Wopo, whose real name was Travon Smart, was killed in a double, drive-by shooting in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Both victims were incredibly young as Wapo was only 21.

After XXXTentacion Was Killed, A Second Young Rapper Was Gunned Down On The Same Day:

Just hours after XXXTentacion was killed, In Touch Weekly shared that rising rapper Jimmy Wopo, whose real name was Travon Smart, was murdered as he too lost his life to violence. On Monday evening in Pittsburgh city’s Hill Dis­trict neigh­bor­hood, Smart and an­other man were am­bushed at 4:22 p.m. as they sat in a vehicle. Wopo was in the driver’s seat of his 2007 Mazda CX7 when they were attacked. Both men were transported to a local hospital where the rapper later died. Police said the other victim, who was not identified in a press release, was transported in stable condition.

Jimmy Wopo Was Shot Twice Before He Was Killed:

At the young age of 21, Jimmy Wopo was dead and his career was just taking off. Tragically, Wopo was not new to being shot as he had been shot twice before. In fact, in 9th grade, Wopo had been shot but he didn’t start to focus on his career until he got shot for the second time. All of this apparently happened before he was 18. However, Wopo had a daughter and a song that was taking off. He had a lot to live for.

It changed my life the second time I got shot, but it never really changed my music. It just gives me more push, because just two years ago I was somewhere getting shot up, he told Complex during a May 2017 interview. Now I’m doing this. It keeps me going in a positive route. Cause really nothing happen positive when I was doing negative shit. It’s a reminder when I look at my stomach, my arm, my shoulder, my leg, whatever. I’m still getting bullets took out of me. On the 22nd I gotta go get a bullet took out my leg.

Just Before His Death, Jimmy Wopo Received Great News:

According to Trib Live, Pittsburgh rapper Jimmy Wopo called his defense attorney just after 4 p.m. on Monday to tell him the good news. His hard work had paid off and he was getting ready to sign a deal to go on a 27-stop summer concert tour. Most importantly, he was going to join a record label started by hip-hop star Wiz Khalifa.

My job was going to be to get him permission to go on this tour and chase his dream’, attorney Owen Seman said, noting Wopo needed the court’s approval because he was probation in connection with 2015 drug charges. And 15 minutes later, that was it, Seman said sadly. He wanted to do everything right — he was not just going to go, Seman said. So he called his lawyer and said, ‘Hey, Owen, this is what’s happening in my life.’ And it was ended. It would have given him a fresh start, Seman said. That’s what a lot of these kids need. You can’t change the past. At some point, you’ve got to be given a chance, and he was working so hard at this.

Wopo had been rapping since he was 7 years-old and he was finally getting the chance to leave Pittsburg to do something big. It’s sad that he died before he had the chance to make his mother proud. Wopo always spoke of his mother in his interviews as he credited her for allowing him to pursue his dreams as a young age. Our prayers are with his family and friends.

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