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Yikes! Rare Hand-Written Letter By Tupac Reportedly Drops Serious Bombshell About Dre, Lil Kim And More

Posted On : April 5, 2018

Since the reign of Death Row Records, there have been tons of documentaries that have bee created in order to shed light on the popular legendary record label. Autobiographies, published books and even successful films have been produced to tell the story of Death Row Records but have all of the productions provided accurate accounts of what really happened behind closed doors at the famed West Coast label? Of course, there are probably a few inaccuracies, but what happens when the words reportedly come straight from the horse’s mouth? According to VLAD TV, a new bombshell report has been released and it definitely raises speculation about Dr. Dre.

In The ‘Closet’ Or Nah?:

It’s a reoccurring rumor that continues to rear its ugly head and it centers around famed rapper and producer Dr. Dre. Back in the day, the Chronic rapper was known for his laid-back style, catchy lyrics, and memorable beats. Of course, the ladies also loved him but behind closed doors, there were rumored claims about there being more to Dre than what met the eye. For those who don’t know, there have been rumors about Dr. Dre’s sexuality. For years, rumors have circulated about the rapper/producer being a closeted gay. But are the rumors really true? Of course, there has been no way to confirm or deny the rumors but now a handwritten letter about Tupac may say otherwise.

Tupac’s Words:

According to reports, the latest news centers around handwritten words from Tupac where the legendary rapper basically outed Dr. Dre about his sexuality. It has been reported that Tupac’s full book of one-liners written for his Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory album are now up for grabs, being sold at an auction. Of course, to many Tupac fans, the worlds are absolutely legendary simply because Tupac wrote them, but the words are also quite telling. The publication reveals, “The notes begin with 2Pac dedicating the album to the men allegedly involved in the 1994 attack at NYC’s Quad Recording Studios, during which he was robbed and shot five times.”

“I dedicate this 2 Jack ‘the snitch’ Agnant for ordering the hit, 2 Tut (Walter “King Tut” Johnson) for shootin me, 2 Puffy, Big, Stretch, Lil Shawn, Jimmy henchman & whoever else remained silent while quietly conspiring my downfall, I thank U,” wrote Tupac. Continuing, he refers to Wendy Williams as a “fat b**ch,” Mobb Deep as “no record selling asses,” and Dr. Dre as a “closet homo.” Also under the gun was De La Soul, who 2Pac called “fat washed up bums,” and Lil Kim, who he referred to as “weave wearing Biggie short stubby d**k sucking Kim.'”

Although it’s not uncommon rappers to make bashing comments about other rappers, to many fans, Tupac’s words about Dre raise lots of questions.

Past Claims:

The latest news follows a string of other rumors about Dr. Dre’s sexuality. According to Hip-Hop DX, former Death Row Records artist Jewell also spoke publicly about the same rumors back in 2011. During that interview, she was asked whether or not Dr. Dre is gay or if she’d heard the rumors. Of course, she’d heard all about it. “Is he? [Laughs] Do we know for sure? Hmmm. I mean, there have been talks about back in the day with the tight, glitter pants, when he was wearing eyeliner and stuff like that – I’m just [telling] some experiences that I went through when I was on Death Row that I’ve seen with my own eyes. So, that’s all I’ma say about it. It’s in the book. Get it. Read it. Understand it. Absorb it.”

Once again, there was only speculation. To this day, no one really knows for sure. Even Tupac’s words don’t necessarily confirm what really goes on behind closed doors with Dr. Dre.

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