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Droppin $$$: Gucci Mane Drops $600K On Ferrari, Skips 3-Year Wait For Luxury Vehicle

Posted On : April 9, 2018

By now, most fans know Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir are the epitome of a power couple. They don’t operate like the typical hip-hop couple when it comes to makin’ money moves. Outside of the music, the two are heavily involved in other work and have quite a few profitable business ventures. Maybe that would explain Gucci Mane’s latest baller move. According to XXL, Gucci just dropped some major cash on a luxury ride that’s not even on the market. Yes, you read that right. Gucci just purchased a whip that’s not even for sale and it probably has a lot to do with the kinda cash he put up to get it.


Gucci’s Exclusive Ferrari:

On Sunday, April 8, Gucci Mane took to Instagram with a few jaw-dropping posts to show off his new ride. It has been reported that Gucci got his hands on the new Ferrari 812 Superfast. If you haven’t heard much about it yet, the 812 Superfast is considered the fastest Ferrari ever built. According to Hot New Hip-Hop, the 812 Superfast is described as “the fastest and most powerful Ferrari model ever created,” with a “V12 engine and over 800 horsepower, topping out at 211 mph, which translates to 0-60 Miles per hour in under 3 seconds.” The car’s impressive features definitely prove it’s one of a kind.

The 812 Superfast’s sumptuously sculptural, three-dimensional flanks are characterized by a striking vent behind the front wheels designed to suck high-pressure air from the wheelarches and then channel it along the doors. Four round tail-lights inspired by Ferrari tradition emphasize a design crafted around horizontal lines and give the 812 Superfast a broad, imposing stance, visually lowering both spoiler and the very compact cabin without, however, sacrificing its space or that of the boot. – Ferrari.com

Check out Gucci’s Instagram posts:

New Whip Alert I Pullup and they feelings Hurt!

A post shared by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on


First Dibs:

Although the vehicle isn’t even in mass production yet, Gucci Mane managed to snag one for a whopping $600,000. Since the United States retail price will reportedly be approximately $315,000, Gucci paying almost double for the vehicle is probably how he got first dibs. In a nutshell, money definitely talks and with the success of their businesses, Gucci and Keyshia have lots of it.

A Massive Empire Built:

Their purchase of Ferrari 812 Superfast follows a string of interviews where Keyshia Ka’oir discussed their relationship dynamic and how they’ve managed to build a successful empire despite the countless obstacles they’ve faced over the years. However, that didn’t stop their show. In fact, Gucci Mane made a whopping $1.3 million while in prison. For those who don’t know Keyshia Ka’oir held down the fort and built a business amounting to more than $30 million. But even with the two of them together, Keyshia has made it clear that she is her own woman with her own money – not a trophy wife.

My companies are super successful and I shared some ways with you of how to keep it that way, because I don’t have any overhead expenses. I don’t have any debt. I bought my house in cash so I don’t have a mortgage. I bought my car with cash. I buy my Birkin bags with cash. I don’t have credit cards. I don’t have partners. I like to write one check for ten million dollars, and done. It helps that I have a super-rich husband, but I’m making all this money and I invest in myself. It’s so easy for me to make 30 million dollars because I’ve seen a lot of celebrities go wrong,” Keyshia said during a previous interview.

“I’m not a trophy wife, and I don’t ever want to be classified as that. I almost feel worthless if I don’t have a new product coming out or something new to do. So no, the answer is no. Gucci’s wife? Laying home? Never. I would die. I want to see other women be as independent and make as much money as their husbands these days. It’s easy.”

As a power couple, it’s obvious Gucci and Keyshia both bring a lot to the table. Congrats to Gucci and Keyshia.

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