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Fabolous Gets By w/ No Jail Time After Brutal Assaulting Emily B.

Posted On : June 29, 2018

Fabolous and Emily B. have had quite a year. In just three months, they’ve gone from living in a completely chaotic world to what appears to be total bliss – or at least that’s how it seems. Now, after months of drama and confusion, Fabolous can probably breathe a bit easier. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Fabolous has managed to slip through the cracks of the justice system after assaulting his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his children.

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No Jail Time For Fab:

It has been reported that on Thursday, June 28, the “Can’t Deny It” rapper – whose real name is John David Jackson – appeared in Bergen County Superior Court in New Jersey. In the “early disposition hearing,” Fab’s lawyer indicated that his client had opted to take the pre-trial intervention route to avoid jail time. So, in a nutshell, Fab will likely plead guilty to a charge far less severe than he would have initially faced; a legality to avoid jail time.

Bossip shared details about the terms Fabolous will probably have to adhere to in pre-trial intervention.

Under the plan, Fab would plead guilty – likely to a lesser charge – and instead of prison time, be sentenced to pre-trial intervention, a diversion program for first-time offenders that lasts from six months to a few years. If Fab successfully completes it, his charges could be wiped clean from his record. We’ve reached out to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office for comment.

Although pre-trial intervention will probably be a drag, it’s much better than serving time behind bars. But despite the long road ahead, it doesn’t look like Fab will be walking alone.

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Defending Her Man:

Emily B. reportedly did not appear in court with Fab but she has made it clear she is defending her man. In fact, last week for Father’s Day, the reality star faced backlash after she shared a loving post about her man on his big day. Since it was Father’s Day, Emily made it clear she wasn’t for the negativity and quickly clapped back at fans who criticized her for standing by her man. However, this wasn’t the first time Emily appeared to support Fab. Back in April, when the two were spotted together at Coachella, fans began speculating that Emily had taken him back. So it definitely looks like they’re workin’ things out.

The latest news follows a string of reports about the infamous assault of Emily B. Back in March, Fab made headlines after he allegedly knocked both of Emily’s front teeth out during a brutal attack. At the time, Fab had reportedly accused Emily of stealing money from him and he went ballistic. After the highly publicized fight, media outlets began digging to figure out what sent Fabolous over the edge. Apparently, it was all because of an incident involving Emily B. and her father. Reports suggested that the Love & Hip Hop star had helped her father steal $300K from her man.

Fab turned lots of heads because the viral video of their explosive video revealed a side of Fab fans had never seen before. Not only did he assault Emily, he also threatened to kill her. But regardless of the facts and all that has happened, it appears Emily and Fab are moving on from the incident – together. Fab is due back in court some time in July.

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