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Fabolous Indicted By Grand Jury, Now Facing Four Felony Charges for Emily B. Assault

Posted On : October 10, 2018

Earlier this year, the video of Fabolous brutally assaulting Emily B. caught the attention of fans everywhere. For the first time ever, fans caught a glimpse of the cool and calm rapper flippin’ a lid and people were completely shocked. While some fans assumed somethin’ really bad must have happened for Fabolous to pop off, others were more concerned about Emily B. defending the New York-born rapper after he’d allegedly knocked her teeth out. But despite her efforts to defend her man, the grand jury he faced earlier today wasn’t tryin’ to hear any of it.

Playin’ No Games:

According to TMZ, a New Jersey grand jury indicted Fabolous on “2 counts of threatening to kill and 1 count of possession of a weapon … a pair of scissors.” The charges stem from the viral video released back in March where Fabolous was seen outside of his Englewood, NJ home arguing with Emily and her father. That argument reportedly occurred three weeks after Fab allegedly knocked out Emily’s front teeth. It has been reported that Emily revealed Fab had repeatedly punched her in the face and ended up knocking her teeth out. In the state of New Jersey, the four charges are considered third-degree crimes but he still faces the possibility of a maximum of five years behind bars.

Respect for Marriage:

The latest post follows a string of reports where media outlets and fans questioned if Fabolous would ever marry Em. For those who don’t know, the two have been together for well over 10 years. Despite the years together and the life they’ve built together, Fabolous didn’t seem to be in a hurry to tie the knot. So, of course, he’d been asked repeatedly if he was ever going to marry his longtime girlfriend. During a previous interview, Fabolous talked about marriage and surprisingly, he detailed his respect for marriage.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t ever get married. I mean, if it presents itself and I’m ready I would do that,” Fab previously said about getting married  “I think marriage is a great thing and I just think a lot of people don’t respect it in the same way that I respect it so I would have to find a way to – Some people just want to get married cause its a nice thing to do and a way to show that you love somebody, but they don’t see all the things that come around with marriage.”


Even after they’d been together five years and welcomed their first child together, Fabolous still wasn’t ready to walk down the aisle. As bizarre as it seems, he actually had an explanation for it. “I wouldn’t want to move forward in something that I was unsure about on that high of a level,” he continued. “It’s a strong thing man, it’s even a commitment with you and a lady and God. It’s something you should look and feel that you’re totally ready for. Not just do because it’s the thing to do and I want to make my friends jealous,” he said with a laugh.

To many fans, this seems like a major contradiction compared to his actions and how he assaulted his wife earlier this year. Hopefully, he thinks things through before retaliating in the future.

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