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Faith Shares Graphic Details Of Very Freaky Act She Did To B.I.G. In Bed & We Weren’t Ready

Posted On : July 18, 2018

Faith Evans is all over the place today because she’s taken fans by storm on so many levels. First, there’s Stevie and now she’s revealed some jaw-dropping details about her sex life with Biggie. By the time you’re done reading about Faith, your mouth will probably be on the floor. According to Bossip, Faith has no shame in her game and she’s let fans know a few tidbits many people probably could have done without hearing. But it is what it is now and it’s out there.

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Goin’ Grocery Shoppin’:

When Faith stopped by NORE’s Drink Champs, she definitely didn’t hold back. In fact, she admitted something fans probably never expected her to admit publicly. The former Bad Boy singer actually admitted she ate Biggie’s groceries. Yes, you read that right and Faith said it but you gotta listen closely.

Don’t believe it? Listen for yourself:

Dragged All The Way To Hell:

Needless to say, fans are draggin’ Faith all the way to hell arguin’ they could have definitely gone without knowing that piece of information. While it’s no secret many celebrities have no shame about sharing details about their personal lives with the world but sometimes it just goes too far. Well, apparently, this is definitely one of those times. One person wrote, “She could’ve kept that sh!t to herself. I don’t know about other dudes but I’m not getting with any chick who admits they had their face up some dude’s @ss.” Another person admitted it’ll never be the same listenin’ to a Biggie track knowin’ what she knows now. “Stevie somewhere doing the rat face right now after reading this. Yuck, this is so disgusting. Biggie looked like he reeked of sh*t and sweat. Thanks, Faith now every time I hear a biggie song imma be giving the side eye.”

Faith has even garnered reactions from fans via Twitter and the tweets are no joke. However, there’s also a debate about what Faith said. While many people believe she admitted to eatin’ groceries, some people are arguin’ that it seems like a two-way street.

Check out some of the tweets:


Tyin’ The Knot:

The latest news follows a string of reports about Faith’s rumored marriage to Stevie J. Earlier today, reports began circulating about Faith and Stevie being married. According to numerous reports, Faith and Stevie are said to have tied the knot in Las Vegas. The ceremony reportedly took place on Tuesday, July 17 in the couple’s Vegas hotel room after they applied for a marriage license in Clark County, NV. Later that night, Stevie took to Instagram with a quick video of them. He wrote, “I love you Faith Renee Jordan,” and she replied back, “I love you back Steven Aaron Jordan.”

Most fans know Stevie’s last name is Jordan so the name drop wasn’t missed by anyone and that’s what led to the media’s digging.


Of course, fans weren’t too thrilled to hear about this either since Stevie – widely known as Sleezy – has quite the reputation with the ladies. But despite the reputation, hopefully, Stevie has changed for the better. When he appeared on The Breakfast Club back in December 2016, he addressed the rumors about him dating Faith. He admitted that it started out as an innocent friend and evolved over time. “I’ve known her for like 25 years,” he said. “We was like family and then as years progressed, we just began to hang out more [and] talk more.”

Hopefully, everything goes well for Faith and Stevie. Congrats to the newlyweds!

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