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Floyd Mayweather Takes Shots At 50 Cent By Calling Him A Broke Snitch With An STD

Posted On : July 21, 2018

Over the years, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson have had a turbulent relationship. At one point, they seemed to be really great friends but over the years, their relationship has deteriorated. Often times, 50 Cent has taken shots at Floyd by trolling him on social media and mocking his literacy skills. For the most part, Mayweather takes the high road but this time, the gloves were off. Floyd took to Instagram to drag 50 for days by implying that he is a broke snitch with an STD. It’s safe to say that their friendship is done.

Floyd Mayweather Annihilates 50 Cent In Scathing Instagram Roast:

For quite some time, 50 Cent has poked fun or insulted his former friend, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. The New York rapper clowned Floyd and called him “dumb” for allegedly spending 18 million on a watch. He also clowned the boxing champ for hosting an event with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, Teairra Mari. Not to mention, the Power star insinuated that Mayweather couldn’t read as he challenged him to read a book for the ALS challenge. For the most part, Floyd does a good job of taking the high road as he often ignores 50 Cent’s antics. However, when you keep poking the sleeping bear, they eventually wake up and fight back.

Floyd Implied That 50 Cent Was An Informant And A Horrible Dad:

In a brutal Instagram post, Floyd Mayweather came out the ring throwing blows as he hit 50 Cents way below the belt. In posting a younger picture of 50 cent, Floyd captioned the photo by saying ” Go Snitch or Die Tellin'” as he mocked 5o Cent’s album and movie ‘ Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Mayweather begins by stating 50 Cent’s government name as he called him a confidential informant. Now, this isn’t the first time that someone has accused 50 of being a snitch. Murder Inc founder Irv Gotti claimed that he had evidence that 50 Cent was an “informant,” as Gotti alleged that 50 Cent worked with police to file an order of protection against those who attacked him. In March 2000, 50 Cent was assaulted by members of Murder Inc. at The Hit Factory recording studio in New York. It’s different when an enemy sates something unflattering about you. However, when a former friend shares unflattering news, you tend to believe it.

Mayweather also called out 50 Cent’s parenting skills as he told 50 cent that he was angry because Marquise ‘s mother and Marquise  want nothing to do with him. When Marquise was a child, they had a great relationship. It’s hard to pin point where their relationship went sour. Now that Marquise is an adult, they don’t talk at all.

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Mayweather Claims 50 Cent Is Jealous Of Other Rappers, Broke, And That He Has An STD:

It’s been awhile since 50 Cent has released any new music. He seems to have shifted his career as he has become an actor on his hit series, Power. However, Floyd alleges that the show is only popular because of Omari Hardwick. He basically told 50 that his character Kanan is irrelevant. Holding nothing back, Floyd claims that 50 Cent stole Ja Rule’s style and that he is a “wanksta” in real life. It’s clear that Floyd is enraged as he called out 50 for living in a New Jersey apartment. To make matters worse, Floyd dropped a bombshell by stating that 50 cent contracted herpes from “DJ’. Now, he didn’t implicitly say who “DJ” was. However, the mother of his youngest son, five-year-old son Sire Jackson, has the initials DJ as her name is Daphne Joy. Could he be talking about her?

See The Long Instagram Post Below:

Curtis “Confidential Informant” Jackson, you're mad because your oldest son Marquees mother doesn’t want to be with you! Your Son, your own flesh and blood don't want nothing to do with you! You haven't had a hit song on radio in who knows when and you’re definitely not hot enough to even sell records anymore so Interscope dropped you. You are jealous of any rapper, athlete or entertainer that’s hot or got something going on for themselves. You are a certified snitch and we got paperwork to prove it. You talk about Ja-Rule but you stole his whole style and ran with it! You’re the only self proclaimed gangster that’s never put in work! You need to pay homage to the real 50cent for stealing his name and his storyline. Your claim to fame was getting shot numerous times & living to tell it and you think that's Gangster? Where at? You’re currently living in a fucking apartment in Jersey, you are always in somebody else's business just to stay relevant. You should just become a blogger cause it’s obvious you don’t have nothing going on in your life. Are you mad that Kanye West ended your career? The only thing you got going on is Power and everybody watches that because Ghost is a dope ass character on the show. You can leave the show everybody will still watch Power, but out here in the real world I’m The Real Ghost. That’s not a Mansion in Connecticut that you're in debt for, that’s a dump, a money pit an oversized trap house! It was dope when Mike Tyson had it in the late 80’s early 90’s, but you couldn't afford to maintain it. You’re always talking about somebody is broke, but the last time I checked it was Curtis Jackson that filed for bankruptcy not Floyd Mayweather. So quick to gossip like a Bitch, why don't you tell everybody how you got Herpes from DJ. Where's your memes for that, huh? Or better yet, post on how your Coca-Cola deal wasn’t really 300 million you fucking liar and tell how that spinning G-Unit necklace that somebody got robbed for was fake. Just remember, I was with you everyday and your driver Bruce was my driver also. I know where all your bones are buried, so be easy Curtis Jackson! And by the way, don’t ask to borrow no more money from me.

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