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Footage From The XXXtentacion And Alleged Migos Altercation Surfaces

Posted On : November 14, 2017

On yesterday, XXXTentacion said he got jumped by Migos in L.A. But people were like, yeah OK..after he posted a video of what appears to be one of Migos members walking away from the fight.


X went on an Instagram rant Monday claiming he’d just been jumped by the rap trio, adding they allegedly pulled a gun on him during the scuffle.

After he posted the video, he then  deleted almost every post from his IG page and left only 2 — a video of what he claims is Takeoff walking away from the brawl … and a pic of Offset’s fiance, Cardi. He later deleted both posts.

Lots Of Drama

Right now, X is currently awaiting trial on domestic abuse allegations, but he still can’t find a way to lie low — even after claiming he was done with rap and pledging to donate money to domestic violence organizations. It seems like every time the mercurial Florida artist’s name is trending, it’s for controversy. 

Here’s The Alleged Fight


We say alleged because who’s that on the ground? Do you have a clear visual on them? That footage is not conclusive or proof that the Migos had anything to do with putting the visible red marks all over XXX’s face. But maybe it’s my old eyes. What do you think? Here are some of the comments from IG.

Is That Them?

@tarri._That’s a fight? that position is what I call a fun weekend

@shanadoeBut who’s on the ground

@goldminded1What is this that is not migos @_delisa24_ ⚰️

@yadel_nimleyWhere is migos????


@_sincerelydrea@jessejames_nk they said offset is tap dancing


@x0x0sommerThis IS NOT THE MIGOS!

@justalliejayCause who is that on top ?

@camii_boooAm confuse. Who on top of who ???


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