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#GetTheStrap: 50 Cent Bashes New ‘Superfly’ Remake, And Film’s Director Little X

Posted On : June 25, 2018

By now, everyone has probably heard rave reviews about Future’s highly anticipated Superfly remake. While many critics and viewers have given the film two thumbs up, of course, there are some people who aren’t fans of the film. 50 happens to be one of those people.

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A Weak Remake?:

When it comes to keepin’ it real, 50 Cent has never had a problem sharing his brutally honest opinion about things and his take on Superfly is no different. In fact, the famed rapper/actor felt so strongly about the film he decided to rant about the film on social media.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, on Sunday, June 24, 50 took to Instagram with a photo of the original Superfly and a blunt statement about the new film. Not only did he bash the film, he also took a verbal jab at the film’s director, Little X. Apparently, 50 believes the film was nothing more than a “2-hour music video.” F0r those who don’t know, Little X made a name for himself in the industry as a director of music videos From the production to the props used in the film. 50 just wasn’t feelin’ it at all. With the photo he wrote, “This one was just too good, the new shit was weak. Little X made a 2-hour music video. The snow patrol with white clothes, white car, and white guns. where they do that at. get the strap.” 

Here’s his post:


Another Publicity Stunt?:

Since 50 is known for his controversial opinions and jaw-droppin’ Instagram posts, many fans would probably say 50 is just bein’ 50. But could 50 have taken a jab at the film for different reasons? For those who don’t know, season five of 50’s hit drama Power is set to kick off on Sunday, July 1. So 50’s bashing post about Superfly could very well be another publicity stunt just to pick up a little more steam for his own show. If that was the goal, he’s succeeded once again because he quickly caught fans’ attention.

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The Heated Debate:

Thousands of fans quickly responded to 50’s post and, of course, his comment sparked a heated debate. While some fans did agree that true classics can’t be remade2, surprisingly, not many have agreed with his take on Superfly. Despite 50’s bashing comments, many fans took to Instagram to defend the film. One person admitted how the debate is similar to the ongoing debate about Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Both are great in their own right. “I have seen both. Superfly 1972 was for its time and Superfly 2018 was for this time. Both were good. This is like the MJ and LeBron debate. Both are great but it really boils down to people having a preference. People don’t understand that they both can be great in their own right. Black people are the only ones that do that to each other and its sad because we are all gifted.”

Some fans even gave 50 a taste of his own medicine arguing that his film Den of Thieves was also a bit of a disappointment. “You my boy and you’re entitled to your own opinion. But one could say the same about Den of Thieves and a few others you have done but they won’t out of respect and the effort. So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. But for the record Superfly 1972 was for that time Superfly 2018 is for their time. But it was true to the storyline with the exception of Preist snorting coke which I see as a good thing. At the end of the day it it was a good movie, stop hating because you didn’t have your hands in it.”

If you’ve seen Superfly, what did you think about the film? Share your thoughts.

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