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Guy Attempts To Shame Cardi B. W/ Past Stripper Photo, Her Response Is Epic

Posted On : October 6, 2017

These days, Cardi B. is a chart-topping femcee with her hit song, “Bodak Yellow,” but most fans know things weren’t always so glamorous for the Bronx native. In fact, the lyrics to “Bodak Yellow” actually tell a story about her life and how far she’s come. Cardi B.’s lyrics, “I don’t dance now, I make money moves,” may be catchy but the lyrics tell a true story. But despite the progress she’s made, there are still people who constantly remind her of her past. The latest situation centers around a photo that has surfaced online.

The Haunting Past:

According to BET, an aspiring rapper named Oun-P took to Instagram with an interesting #ThrowbackThursday photo. The photo captured him at New York gentlemen’s club Sue’s Rendevous surrounded by strippers and you could probably guess who one of the women was – Cardi B. It’s unclear why Oun-P posted the photo, but Bardi Gang fans are convinced he did so to take a dig at their girl. So of course, it definitely didn’t take long for the famed rapper to hear about the photo circulating on the social network. In true, comment creepin’ fashion, she shared her response to the photo. The “No Limit” rapper made it clear how times have changed and the tables have definitely turned.

My How Times Have Changed…:

When Cardi B. tracked down the photo on Oun-P’s profile, she quickly responded. “Now I’m a rich b*tch that can throw money at you ni**as,” she wrote. But that wasn’t all Cardi B had to say. After commenting on his page, Cardi B. shared a post on her own Instagram page and it was quite obvious her words were directed toward Oun-P.


With a photo of herself, she captioned, “I swear to God they ain’t wanna see me leave the club,” the rapper captioned a photo of her evolution over the past year. “Got up on my sh*t and now they scared to show me love, they rather see me on the pole twerking it for dubbs,” Cardi continued referencing her latest single “Red Barz.”


Cardi B. has made it clear she plans to take the world by storm and she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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