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Have U Seen C-Murder’s 3 Daughters Lately? They Ain’t So Little No More!

Posted On : February 17, 2016

fb c murder and daughters2C-Murder, Master P.’s younger brother and former No Limit rapper, has pretty much lived a lot of his life as an open book- either through his music, or literally through the media with his incarceration and murder trial. But little did many of us know, he was once married and he even has three beautiful daughters.

We just so happened to come across a photo of C and his Queens when they attended C’s grandmother’s funeral. Unfortunately C was handcuffed and shackled as he paid his last respects to his Nana, but it looks like his daughters were overjoyed about getting to spend some time with their Pops. Here is the photo of them at the funeral a few years ago.

C-Murder and his daughters at his Grandmother's funeral, 2013
C-Murder and his daughters at his Grandmother’s funeral, 2013

After doing a lil’ bit more diggin’ we saw some more recent pics of these three beauties and they are REALLY grown now, check out the pics below..

C-Murder's daughters
C-Murder’s daughters, (L-R) Alexis, Chay, and Courtney
C-Murder's daughters with singer, Monica
C-Murder’s daughters with singer, Monica
C-Murder's daughters
C-Murder’s daughters
C-Murder's daughter
C-Murder’s daughter
Throwback pic of C-Murder with his daughter
Throwback pic of C-Murder with his daughter

C-Murder and two of his daughtersAs far as we know, these three young ladies are C’s only kids, although there was some controversy back in 2010 when a rapper, by the name of Young Trump, publicly claimed that he was C-Murder’s son. Then he proceeded to take major shots at rapper, Bow Wow and his Momma, calling his Moms a “slut” and labeling Bow Wow as “fake.” Young Trump also lashed out at rapper, Young Berg, calling him a “f*ggot.”

When C-Murder, who was incarcerated at the time, got wind of Young Trump’s claims that he was his offspring, he immediately put his pen to the pad and mailed an official statement out to make it known to the public that although he and Trump are in fact relatives, he is NOT the pappy! He explained to AllHipHop that “Young Trump is not my son, he is my little cousin. For me personally, he’s young at this, so the beefs he’s into are something I do not support. For him to be saying I’m his pops and then disrespect Bow Wow’s mother like that….I don’t get down like that.”

C-Murder and his daughter
Throwback pic of C-Murder and his daughter

So here we are today, showing love to C-Murder’s three young ladies, whom he refers to as his “angels.” That’s what he called them in an open letter he penned a couple years ago, when revealing some family tension he had with his big brother, Master P. He stated in that letter that P was not helping his “three angels,” nor was he helping him in his time of need during his incarceration. Peep the letter C-Murder wrote on the next page>>>

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