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J. Prince Just Got Threatening Texts Over Pusha T/Drake Beef And He Responds

Posted On : June 6, 2018

Rap-A-Lot Records CEO, J. Prince, also known as the man who discovered Drake, has just dropped a bombshell in his latest interview with Billboard. As we all have heard by now, Kanye Wests’s Good Music Label artist, Pusha T., released a vicious diss record about Drake, exposing Drake’s secret baby with his secret baby momma.


Following the diss record, J. Prince then stepped in to let the world know he told Drake to stand down and not get down there in the “pigpen” with Pusha. A few days later, J. Prince has now revealed he’s just received threatening text messages from someone in Pusha T.’s camp.

When J. Prince was asked about he told Drake not to respond, that is when he revealed the text threat:

“Feds taking pictures like it’s GQ” – Self

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J. Prince: Whenever disrespect is fertilized, it can always go there. When mother, father, and others are disrespected, it can always go there. I just got a text on my phone from somebody with a threat about staying away from Pusha-T. I don’t know where it came from, but I see addresses [of people I know]. “Keep his name out of your mouth, or else.” [J Prince scrolls through his phone and shows a text message from a number that isn’t saved as a contact.]

These are real-life situations we have to deal with. I understand where it can go, and I’m trying to circumvent it. But by the same token, I’m really the wrong person to be trying to go there with. I understand it, and I’m in a position to try to put an end to it. But the devil don’t even like peace. Believe it or not, he sees you going through peace, and he don’t want it. That means nothing. But this decision, we’re standing by it, and we’re going to move along to do good business.

Billboard: Have you received any other threats before this?

JP: This is the first one, but it’s definitely on my phone. Of course, people talk loosely, but a pair of lips will say anything.… Your people that surround you are going to come together. Somebody want stripes. Somebody want to get brownie points. When you don’t put these kind of fires to bed, that fire turns into a blaze or explosion, and there it is. That’s real life.

On how he convinced Drake not to release the diss record that J. Prince says would have destroyed Pusha T’s career and many people around him:

“Me and Drake have a mutual respect for one another. When I speak, he listens. When he speaks, I listen. I spoke in a manner where it made sense. I didn’t use my words loosely or lightly. I had some substance about what I said. Basically, in a nutshell, we have a situation that crossed the line of music. He dissed Drake’s mom, he disrespected his father, he disrespected 40 — a man that’s dying, who’s ill. He crossed the line where music is concerned. We are people with a movement. This ain’t happen with Drake by accident.” When you have those kind of moments, it’s a pigpen mentality.”

J. Prince also spoke to Kanye:

“On the other side, you didn’t ask me this, but I’m going to volunteer this: Kanye has made one of the most intelligent decisions of his life to feel the same and not want this as well. He could have advocated differently, but I respect his decision. […] He didn’t want this. He said, “I’m a family man.” So I feel the spirit of individuals through the phone, and I’m like, “Nah.” I understand what this man just done, but we’re not like him. Why am I going to tell my man to do the very thing that I just [found disrespectful]? I’ve never been one to abuse my power. I try to do right.”

In case Pusha T and/or his team didn’t know, threatening J. Prince (allegedly) is probably not a good idea. Why? Because for the past 30 years, J. Prince has built a rep’ for being a well respected, yet well calculated legend in the music game. He moves in silence behind the scenes, but has a lot of power, both in the streets and in the entertainment industry. However, just like he said earlier, he doesn’t make a practice of abusing his quiet power and only surfaces in the public eye when need be. Just like he’s done for this Pusha T/Drake beef. Thankfully, he’s pursuing a peaceful resolve.

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