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Jay Z Will Bail Dads Out Of Jail For Father’s Day

Posted On : June 17, 2017

Jay Z is completely fed up with the bail bond system — how it inhumanely forces people to buy their freedom, even when convicted of zero crimes.

In several cases, the bail system has been responsible for people getting locked away for years without trial or conviction — simply because they didn’t have enough money to buy their way out of the situation … one which the system purposely placed them in anyway.

According to a self-written article in Time, Jay Z says he’s tired of seeing bail companies prosper at the expense of the innocent or those with petty crimes. He mentions his recent work on the Kalief Browder documentary.

If you’re unfamiliar, Kalief Browder was arrested at the age of 16 for allegedly stealing a backpack and spent three years in New York’s own Riker’s Island.

He never even went to trial. Once he got out, a few years later — given all he went through while in prison — he killed himself.

So, ever since Jay Z has been on the project, he says he’s been “obsessed” with the bail bond industry — specifically, its injustice practices.

“On any given day over 400,000 people, convicted of no crime, are held in jail because they cannot afford to buy their freedom…Black and brown people are over-policed and arrested and accused of crimes at higher rates than others, and then forced to pay for their freedom before they ever see trial.”

Many of these people who are locked up on bogus charges are good people who have families.

Jay Z, himself, is a family man now — and even more, given his newly added twins.

So, he relates with father’s who are missing out on their family’s lives.

With that in mind, Mr. Carter says he’s going to help post bail for dads on Father’s Day. That, people, is love.

“As a father with a growing family, it’s the least I can do, but philanthropy is not a long fix, we have to get rid of these inhumane practices altogether.”

“We can’t fix our broken criminal justice system until we take on the exploitative bail industry,” Jay Z continues.

In Jay Z’s Time article, he says he was heavily inspired by two groups: 1Southerners on New Ground and 2Color of Change.

On Mother’s Day, these groups were responsible for posting bail bonds for mothers who were incarcerated via bogus charges and still awaiting trial.

So, according to the source, Jay Z has donated funds to both organizations in order for them to do the same for fathers, on June 18.

That’s assuredly a gift that keeps on giving … to the dads being released, as well as the families awaiting them at home.

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