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Did Jay-Z Lie About ‘4:44’ Sales?? Report Claims Rapper Sold Far Less Than 500k Copies

Posted On : August 7, 2017

Everyone knows the Carters are masterminds when it comes to great music and solid marketing. From the ongoing divorce rumors to the epic elevator fight between Jay-Z and his sister-in-law Solange, Beyonce and Jay-Z have left fans on the edge of their seats wanting more each and every time they come around. Although it’s no secret the Carters have sold millions of records, a new report suggests the famed rapper/entrepreneur may have taken the marketing tactics a bit far, this time, with fabricated reports about his new album.

Platinum Or Nah?:

According to Showbiz 411, Jay-Z’s reported album sales aren’t exactly what he claimed. It has been reported that the rapper’s RIAA-certified platinum album sold far less than 1 million copies; more lock a meager 364,000. The publication offered a breakdown of the alleged sales and it went on to question the validity behind Jay-Z’s certification.

4:44 has sold a total of 264,100 albums. That includes CDs and downloads but not streaming. If you count in streaming, including singles, the number still comes only to 364,000. This is a far cry from the 500,000 level that the RIAA requires for a gold record, and 1 million copies shipped for platinum. Still, the RIAA awarded Jay Z a platinum album based on private sales through Tidal streaming and direct deliveries to Sprint customers. – BuzzAngle

The Real Deal:

Although the details in the report have yet to be confirmed or denied, there may be a reason behind the speculation. The problem may center around RIAA changes to the way sales are counted. For those who don’t remember, the RIAA previously announced changes to the rules back when Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail was released back in 2013. Based on the way records are counted, there are questions about whether or not the rapper’s latest album.

“Under the program’s rules, the artist needs to be compensated and there needs to be demonstrated consumer demand in the United States, either for an on-demand stream or a sale. A sale counts toward a certification if purchased directly by the customer or a business can purchase the album or song and offer it to fans who must take affirmative steps to acquire the album or song. Fans participated, took action and downloaded JAY-Z’s album offered by SPRINT.”

It’s unclear whether or not the count changes contribute to the speculation about Jay-Z’s album but the rumors are circulating. Jay-Z has yet to comment on the reports.

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