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Jay Z Spends Over $110,000 In One Night, And Everybody’s Checking For Who Got The $11K Tip

Posted On : February 21, 2018

If you’re wondering where Jay Z was during the NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles, you’re not alone. Instead of being seated court side with wifey Beyonce and Blue Ivy, he was in New York blowin’ a bag on his Roc Nation president’s birthday celebration. And if you were lucky to be serving his entourage, the tips were epic.

Juan “OG” Perez was celebrating his 50th birthday and Jay decided to celebrate with a night out on the town. Perez runs Roc Nation along with his wife Desiree who is the chief operating officer. Jay took the executive couple along with other key personnel out for dinner, drinks, and some club-hopping.

Their first stop was Zuma in Midtown for dinner. The entourage racked up a $13,000 tab at the popular Japanese restaurant. They ate from a menu filled with lobster, steak, and sushi, according to Page Six.

The group, which included other Roc Nation executives, Jay’s cousin Emory Jones, and Jay Brown, then went uptown to Made In Mexico in Inwood where they enjoyed Jay’s D’Usse cognac among other drinks. The bill that Jay took care of came to around $9,000. By the time they left this spot, many said goodnight leaving only six people to keep the party going.

Who Got The Tip?

The last stop was the Playroom nightclub. Not only did Jay order 40 bottles of his Ace of Spades champagne, he played bartender by dropping bottles on tables in the club at-will. The server wasn’t cut out of the deal, though. Jay’s bill came to $80,035 and he left a tip in the amount of $11,100 bringing the total tab to a whopping $91,135.


Server Dayhana posted a picture of the receipt to Snapchat as proof of the server’s good fortune. Social media response indicates that she is suddenly quite popular. But at the end of the night, they all parted ways and were full in more ways than one. Jay’s pockets were a tad bit lighter after dropping over $110,000 in one night, but he’s got it like that. We are sure that those who took care of his crew Sunday night have no complaints at all.


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