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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Max Lux Cheated On Wife Brand, Now Has Baby By His Side Chick!!

Posted On : August 25, 2016

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood costars, Brandi Boyd and Max Lux, have had their share of drama. It seems like the married couple are constantly at odds with Brandi jumping on cars trying to get Max to talk to her.

Well, this time it seems like Max may be the one jumping on a car or at least buying Brandi a new car because he allegedly cheated on his wife and and a baby with the woman.

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A woman by the name of Brandi Bib, he must have a thing for women named Brandi, contacted Boyd to inform her that she indeed was having an affair with Lux.

The woman claims that she recently had his baby on 7|17|16. However, he’s apparently denying the child and refusing to take a paternity test.

Well, Brandi Bib isn’t having that so she decided to take legal action.

According to Bib, Max told her that he was separating from Brandi and he never mentioned being married to her. She must not watch the show.

The woman claims that Lux told her that Boyd was simply a crazy baby mama. Don’t believe me? Peep the receipts.

Lux claims that the woman is lying and simply using him to get on reality tv. He posted a picture of his son on Instagram stating that no one mattered to him but his son and his wife.

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To prove his innocence, he could always take a DNA test. Women lie and men lie but DNA screams the truth.


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