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‘Making The Band’ Sara Stokes Reacts To Cops Beating Her Daughter

Posted On : January 10, 2017

Remember Sara Stokes from Making the Band? Well, the singer has come a long way from walking to across bridges for cheesecakes with the band. Now, the From the Bottom Up reality star is focused on more serious issues like the alleged mistreatment of her 19-year-old daughter, Gabrielle Stokes.

According to Detroit Free Press, Gabrielle was arrested for disturbing the peace and the purchase/consumption of alcohol by a minor. The teen was having a going away party for a friend but the night took an abrupt turn for the worst when officers with the Warren Police Department arrived.

A Fun Night Gone Terribly Wrong:

During a recent interview, Sara’s husband Tony Stokes shared details about the disheartening incident and how their daughter reportedly suffered at the hands of white police officers with the Warren Police Department in Michigan. “It was … white cops, and they seen a bunch of black kids and mixed kids,” Tony Stokes said. “This excessive use of force (expletive)  has to stop because black lives do matter. … We will be filing a lawsuit against the City of Warren and those officers.

He went on to share his daughter’s reaction to the harsh treatment while recounting the series of events that occurred. “She said she was scared for her life,” he said. “They put her in the car, and then they pulled her out of the car and walked her around her complex twice — handcuffed — but they were putting so much force as to where she had to walk bent over with her arms straight in the air. They were trying to break her freakin’ arms. She was like, ‘Please, please, in the name of Jesus, please, you’re hurting me. Why are you doing this to me? I’m a basketball player. My arms are coming out of the sockets. Can you please stop hurting me?'”

Sara also took to Instagram to raise awareness about the incident.

My daughter @gabs11stokes was brutally assaulted by Warren COPS! This is UNACCEPTABLE the way they arrested and treated her! 2 MALE COPS! THEY HAD NO BUSINESS ARRESTING HER, THEN ABUSING HER! I'M GOING IN ON THEM!!!! YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG BABY! THEY CALLED HER BLACK BITCHES AND ALL! I'M LIVID!! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!! #policebrutality #warren #michigan THE DETROIT FREE PRESS! @detroitfreepress @kristenshamus #blacklivesmatter SHE'S ONLY 19 YEARS OLD! @niccigilbert @yaneley @queenlatifah @brooklynbabs @dylandili @imfreddyp @215eness @ch0ppercitygram @bet @lashe1 GABRIELLE STOKES IS A 4.0 STUDENT IN COLLEGE, ON THE DEANS LIST, CAPTAIN OF HER BASKETBALL TEAM, WON AN AWARD FOR THE NAACP, WAS THE PRESIDENT OF NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY AND HAS NEVER BEEN IN ANY TROUBLE, AND SHE'S VERY RESPECTFUL! THIS IS SOME SHIT THEY TRYNA PULL! @christine.beatty

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Police Department Responds:

Although Sara and Tony Stokes have voiced their frustrations, the Warren Police Department claims the couple have not filed a formal complaint in reference to their daughter’s arrest. Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green released a statement on behalf of the department.

“When people make complaints, we do a full investigation,” he said. “We review video. We review audio. We interview officers, we look for potential witnesses. When a complaint is made, internal affairs will do a thorough investigation.

“I don’t know anything about the arrest. I don’t know anything about the use of force, and I don’t know anything about a potential lawsuit.”

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