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McDonald’s Manager Arrested For Super-Sizing Meals With Cocaine

Posted On : October 5, 2017

A night manager at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Bronx has been arrested for selling cocaine on the premises. Frank Guerrero was busted after making several sales to an undercover cop. He had worked at the Bruckner Boulevard location for eight years and had been dealing drugs out of the establishment for some time. Authorities say that Guerrero had gotten very comfortable and didn’t see to care if his employees witnessed his transactions. They dubbed it “Operation Off The Menu.”

“Guerrero’s conduct was so blatant, it would be comical if he weren’t committing a serious narcotics crime,” Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan said. “Ordering Coke took on an entirely different meaning on the night shift at this McDonald’s.”

How Did Police Catch Him?

According to police, the manager would stash the drugs inside a bathroom soap dispenser before starting his shift. Guerrero sold both cocaine and crack rock along with customers’ orders. After authorities received a tip, police teamed up with federal law enforcement to set up eight different drug buys. Each order was larger than the last. Guerrero made three sales inside the restaurant and five sales outside in the parking lot. Over time, Guerrero sold the undercover cop almost $10,900 worth of the illegal substances.

Drugs Sold At McDonalds
Frank Guerrero has been arrested for selling cocaine while on-duty at the Bronx McDonald’s he managed.

Did He Act Alone?

But Guerrero’s carelessness extended beyond his dealings at the restaurant. He was arrested on Wednesday morning as police raided the Throgs Neck home he shared with girlfriend Leidy Cabral Castillo and their 2-year-old son. Castillo was implicated in the drug scheme and was arrested as well. Officers found 200 grams of cocaine as well as $5,300 in cash. Guerrero had hidden the money inside a dresser located in the little boy’s bedroom.

It took three months for authorities to gather enough evidence to arrest Guerrero. Now he and Castillo face charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawfully dealing with a child. Guerrero has also been charged with multiple counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance. They could both get jail time for their deeds.

Castillo and Guerrero
Frank Guerrero and girlfriend Leidy Castillo face charges of drug possession and unlawfully dealing with a child. He faces multiple criminal charges of selling controlled substances.

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