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Personal Vendetta? Judge Denies Bail Yet Again, Even After What Governor Said

Posted On : April 4, 2018

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — Meek Mill is constantly being played with by the Pennsylvania justice system. Even the governor is basically saying his prison time is now senseless, and he should be set free.

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According to TMZ, earlier this week, Robert “Meek Mill” Williams was denied bail once again by Genece Brinkley — the judge who has had the artist on probation for the last decade, literally.

The source reports that Meek’s bail hearing was based on evidence pertaining to the corrupt officer involved in his case, Reginald Graham. TMZ notes that the rapper’s initial sentencing was based on Graham’s perjured testimony. The source reports as follows.

“Team Meek lays out the laundry list of allegations against Graham, including performing poorly on a polygraph test (not related to Meek) … and stealing money from a crime scene.”

Due to this news, several inmates who the officer handled have been released, concerning possible corruption and manipulation of cases.

However — when it comes to Meek Mill — Brinkley says that, just because they got out, it doesn’t mean he will.


According to the judge, the police documents exposing the scandal were “readily available” to Meek’s attorneys. As in, why didn’t the rapper’s lawyers expose the crooked cop?

Too, she says the article which exposed Officer Graham isn’t admissible as evidence. Yet, TMZ says Pennsylvania law sets a precedent for it to be admitted. Likewise, Brinkley says Meek has “repeatedly” admitted guilt in court regarding his gun and drug charges.

Come on. The question now SHOULD be: “How are they allowing Brinkley to continue presiding over this case?”

She’s showing obvious bias and isn’t judging his case on evidence and/or justice.

Meek Mill’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, even states that she has turned her dealings with the artist into a “personal vendetta,” as notes National Public Radio (NPR). And, who could argue against that notion?

Tacopina mentioned the following statement to TMZ.

“We have never seen such vindictiveness and disregard for the law at this level. Judge Brinkley will not be able to hide her conduct from the scrutiny of appellate courts, the justice system overall and the common sense and decency of the people of Pennsylvania and the United States. We will see to it.”


Even Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf has said he stands with District Attorney Larry Krasner in his resolve not to oppose Meek Mill’s release from prison.

“I support D.A. Larry Krasner’s position in the case of Robert Williams (Meek Mill),” the governor says in a tweet. “Our criminal justice system is in need of repair. That’s why my admin has made efforts to invest in programs that divert individuals from the system, improve public safety, and promote fairness.”

“But more needs to be done. I am calling on the PA General Assembly to pass the Justice Reinvestment II reforms to the criminal justice system, which help address issues from arrest, trial, sentencing, incarceration, to post-release.”

So, this is all Brinkley’s doing, it seems. She’s the one going against all reason and due-process.

While everyone else is screaming “let him go,” she’s constantly holding on for dear life. And for what?

According to NPR, Meek’s post-conviction hearing is scheduled for April 16.

All in all, let us know your thoughts regarding Meek Mill’s situation. Why do you think they’re keeping her on the case, even with an obvious bias against the rapper? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Robert Littal / Twitter]

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