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Meek Mill Takes Another L……This Time On Ice! (Video)

Posted On : January 10, 2017

And down goes Frazier!

Surveillance footage captured the Dreamchaser Meek Mill slipping on ice as he casually exited his mother’s home. Trying to catch his balance, Meek attempted to reach for the railing, but he came up short.

He fell down a flight of stairs and what’s worse? As he rested on the ground, realizing that he had just busted his azz, a pile of snow dumped on him as if they were saying, ” Take that”!

Somewhere Mother Nature is smiling as she exhibited a form of payback on Meek as it recently surfaced that he is no longer in a relationship with rap superstar, Nicki Minaj.

Instead of waiting for the internet to drag him, as social media enjoys doing to him, he posted the video to his own Instagram account for all his haters that would like to see him fall.



It’s cool to see that Meek can laugh at himself as we all were laughing at him!

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