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[Video] Better Listen: Nipsey Hussle Goes In About Maturity And Manhood

Posted On : June 16, 2017

As if Nipsey’s music doesn’t drop enough jewels, he’s speaking serious knowledge at this generation. Check it out.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — During a recent episode of Power 106 FM, J. Cruz got a chance sit down with Nipsey Hussle and chat it up.

However, about a minute into the interview, the conversation started addressing real-life issues — after J. Cruz played an old clip of Nipsey advising fellow listeners to “invest in assets.”

If you recall, during that clip, Nipsey was saying that — while jewelry and flossing looks good — you’re only losing value if that’s your only focus.

**That particular clip is at the end of the article.

The California rapper mentions that the clip was from a hip hop summit at the University of Southern California (USC), circa 2005/2006.

“I was a kid, Bro. I was young…It was just like a summit Russell Simmons used to throw every year. I was excited to be invited…I be tripping when I see it [the clip], trending on my Instagram and my Twitter.”

According to J. Cruz, everything Nipsey was talking about during his early years, he’s actually doing them today.

He’s even opening a flagship store. “The Marathon.”

“That was our vision from ‘jump’,” explains the rapper.

“We were a little mature, just from what we went through before rap. We had experienced a little bit of ‘life’, to where we had dealt with reality and had to mature as a man kinda early.”

According to Nipsey, he didn’t have mentors to look up to in his family — no one “established,” he mentions.

He says his dad came from Africa and mom side of the family grew up enduring “regular struggle” in Los Angeles.

“Being a young boy, and growing up not seeing a structure set up, no business you can go into when you get out of high school, no college graduates in your family…now that I really think about what motivated us to get out here, [it] was just setting something up and getting established. Being that 1st generation boy that was going to turn into a man and, you know, trying to figure out what to do.”

“The 1st generation puts things on their back so that the 2nd generation doesn’t have to,” Nipsey expresses.

If you’re interested in the full interview, it’s located below.

Likewise, here’s the goldie oldie clip from Nipsey Hussle, earlier in the show.

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