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Oh My! Instagram Model Reveals What She Did To Other Kids When She Was A Child

Posted On : July 20, 2016

If you’ve never heard of Instagram model Montana Deleon was a pretty hot model and since she’s stopped modeling and posting sexy pictures, now she’s giving relationship advice and self-help on her social media pages. In one of her YouTube videos on yesterday, she made a shocking revelation.

Montana Has Changed Her Life, After What She Said Happened When She Was A Child

Montana DeLeon-4In an instagram post on her @montanadeleon1 page, she said this: via @montanadeleon1 Meet.......Montana,
Molested by 4 different men between the ages or 4-12. Raped at 17. Abusive relationship starting at age 15. Grew up to be promiscuous, not valuing my body since no one else did. Went on to be a booty model. Looked for love in all the wrong places. Didn't know HOW to love cuz I was never really loved correctly. Was always the family type. Married twice, mother of 5. Hated the path my life was on. Hated the type of ppl that were attracted to me. Hated the results I was getting out of life.
Montana DeLeon-5
On 1/11/11 I woke up and changed everything I was doing THAT DAY just to see if I would get different results in life............AND I DID!...
Check out the video here...
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