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Oh My… Veteran Rapper Nelly Has Been Arrested For Rape

Posted On : October 7, 2017

Veteran rapper Nelly was arrested for allegedly raping a woman while on tour.

Here’s What We Know:

According to TMZ, investigators informed that a woman claims that she was on Nelly’s tour bus in Washington while he is on tour. Nelly is on a tour with Florida Georgia Line and they are set to perform Saturday night in Ridgefield, Washington.  The unidentified woman claims that the veteran rapper raped her on his tour bus.

Nelly is on tour with country group, Florida Georgia Line.

The woman alleges that the sexual assault allegedly occurred on Saturday morning at around 3:45 AM. So there is no confusion, the woman is allegedly adamant that Nelly is the one who raped her. On Saturday morning around 7:00 a.m., the cops came knocking and Nelly was booked on second degree rape charges. It’s unclear if he is out on bond yet as none of Nelly’s reps had made a comment.

Nelly’s Host Before His Arrest:

While Nelly has been off the radar for a while, he’s hard to forget him and that legendary band-aid. Nelly or Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. is from St Louis and in the 90’s he was all over the charts and you couldn’t turn the radio on without hearing his songs. Not to mention, he was a hit with the ladies with his buffed bods. However, he was off the market for years as he was in a longstanding relationship with singer Ashanti. As of late, he’s been consistently dating Floyd Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend,  Shantel Jackson. There were even rumors at one point that the couple was engaged. Nelly stated that marriage was in the works but he needed more time.

Nelly has been in a longstanding relationship with Mayweather’s ex, Shantel Jackson.

It’s been awhile since fans have heard music from Nelly as he transitioned to the acting world. His film debut was in Snipes (2001). He’s also appeared in several episodes of CSI: NY and served as one of the mentors in the short-lived talent show The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep (2012). Also, he was a regular on the BET show and Kevin Hart’s baby Real Husbands Of Hollywood. Nelly was even featured in a  workout DVD called Celebrity Sweat. I think at one point every woman had a pair of Apple Bottom jeans. In 2003, Nelly and his cousin, Yomi Martin, formed the female denim brand Apple Bottoms, and later on it included accessories and perfume to its products. However, as of late, Nelly has been on the stage again as he is on tour.


While Nelly didn’t specifically mention the rape allegations, he seemed to discuss it in a subliminal way. With an Instagram post, Nelly commented that the world was against him.

Any thoughts..!!

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