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World Series: Paul Wall Gifts Each Houston Astros Player A Sparkling Smile Like His

Posted On : November 13, 2017

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Paul Wall is definitely the people’s champ. Although Houston recently underwent a catastrophic flood disaster, its residents managed to pull together. Even the Houston Astros’ locked in its first World Series victory.

According to BroBible, “Paul Wall is to grillz as George Foreman is to grills.

As you’re aware, you’ll rarely catch Paul Michael Slayton without a grill in his mouth. And now, the same fashion might apply to the Houston Astros.

According to Total Pro Sports, in late October, Paul Wall offered the entire team free grillz for defeating the New York Yankees and advancing to the World Series — let alone WINNING the series against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 7.

The source says Paul promised to partner with Johnny Dang — pretty much, his go-to guy for grillz — and supply every player with his version of a “championship ring.”

As you’ll see from the video below, the Houston Astros’ grillz are 18-carat gold and feature the words “World Champs.” According to the source, each grill set took about five hours to make. That’s approximately 40 grillz.

Essentially, Paul Wall has a genuine love for the city of Houston and the state of Texas that no one can take away. It’s no surprise he’d go all out for the Astros after their first-ever World Series win.

And with such commemoration in mind, he wanted a personal one of his own to forever mark this event. According to Total Pro Sports, Paul Wall decided to get an image of The Commissioner’s Trophy tatted on his back as well.

Let it be known that Paul is serious about his city.

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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