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Plies Weighs In On Golden State, The White House, And Lebron

Posted On : June 13, 2017

He’s calling it the “million-dollar” question. Are the Warriors going to the White House? Here’s what he thinks about the team, the president, and Lebron.

As you probably know by now, Golden State is the 2017 NBA Champion.

And with every year, generally, the United States president invites the winning team to visit the White House.

Well, as Black Loop reports, there was rumor that the Warriors had fully and unanimously declined Donald Trump’s White House invitation.

However, the claim later turned out to be a fabricated — based on reports developed in May, according to the source’s update.


Plies posted a couple videos regarding the situation. He says he woke up to the rumor as well, but it’s also a real question.

“Is Golden State gonna go to that godd**n White House?”

Essentially, Plies says people are on-the-fence about whether they should visit because Trump is “everybody’s president.”

WARNING: The following videos contain explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

But according to Plies, he states that the president is only the leader of the people who he shows he cares about.

“If you show the world you care about them, you’re the world’s president. If you show certain people you care about them, you’re certain people’s president. If you don’t show that you care about me, ain’t no way in hell I’m about to show you I care about you.”

And interestingly enough…

The report from which the Golden State rumor arose says that, regardless who won — whether the Warriors or the Cavaliers — both teams are anti-Trump in their ideals, according to executive director of the NBA Player Association Michele Roberts.

As you know, Lebron James has been at the center of many discussions recently — from issues ranging from Michael Jordan, to racism, to his character on and off the courts.

Here’s a press conference after his home was vandalized by racists.

Realistically, Plies says there’s nothing he can take away from Lebron off the court.

Plies notes that Lebron has remained scandal-free during his entire career. Likewise, he says it’s even more honorable because James came from the impoverished hood.

The rapper admits that, when he was Lebron’s age — when James first came into the league, “You couldn’t give me $100 when I was 17 or 18, and [think] I wouldn’t have got myself in no trouble.”

Got to say, Plies definitely keeps it real with himself and his fans.

While people often give Lebron James a hard time, there’s no contesting he’s an admirable person.

There are team and player biases, sure. However, as an individual, what can be said counter to his characteristics?

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