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Rapper Blac Youngsta Has Been Accused Of Stiffing Strippers And They Are Mad!

Posted On : January 10, 2017

Blac Youngsta is always seen flashing his wealth. He makes it known that money isn’t a problem for him. Because Blac Youngsta wouldn’t be described as humble, the strippers at Ace of Diamonds couldn’t understand why he felt the need to not tip them.


With 20 of his friends, Blac Youngsta rolled up to the Ace of Diamond in LA for a paid appearance. He even allowed some of the dancers to share the stage with him as he performed. According to multiple strippers, he was there for 90 minutes and didn’t make it rain once!

While the ladies twerked extra hard, Blac Youngsta didn’t spend a dime!

Not only did he not spend any money, but it’s being reported that his entourage didn’t drop any money either. The dancers are not only angry but embarrassed.

As one of them said, “It’s super embarrassing to be onstage, after HE requests you and then doesn’t tip anything.”


TMZ reached out to Youngsta for his side of the story, but he didn’t respond.

What is interesting is that he is known for making it rain all the time. By in October, Black Youngsta posted an IG video of him walking around holding a bag of money, but, instead of making it rain like we’re used to seeing him do, he money to every kid in sight.

I guess he loves the kids but not the strippers.

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