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Rapper Gets Checked By Bow Wow After Posting A Video Of His GF Twerking

Posted On : April 11, 2018

Rapper Passport General, who refers to himself as The King Of Long Island, is thanking Wild N’ Out girl Kyomi Leslie for helping his song, Everyday, blow up. While Passport General is happy for the support, there’s one rapper that’s not to happy.

Rapper Passport General was too excited when he discovered Kiyomi Leslie, Wild ‘N Out model, loved his song, Everyday. The Long Island rapper posted a video of Leslie twerking to the song and Bow Wow didn’t appreciate it. In case you missed it, Bow Wow is dating Leslie and has even talked about marrying her. Bow Wow didn’t appreciate seeing his queen on Passport’s page and he let him know about it. Despite Bow Wow’s demands, Passport General posted the video anyway with the following caption:

So apparently @shadmoss has a problem with me talkin to his girlfriend @kiyomileslie after he seen the video of her shakin her ass to my song 😂😂 I need y’all to tagg @akadmiks and @theshaderoom and tell em get this bozo out my dms #yousaylilBowWowYouJustDontKnow


Originally, when Passport General posted the video, he thanked Kiyomi Lesie for dancing his song by giving her a shout out on his Instagram page as well as suggesting that they hook up when he’s in Atlanta. Well, that didn’t sit too well with Bow Wow who then sent Passport a direct message to take the video down or else there would be a problem. Bow Wow also told Passport to stay out of his girlfriend’s inbox. Passport laughed and questioned if he really was having a conversation with the real Bow Wow. He then let Bow Wow know that he didn’t feel threatened and that the video would not be taken down. Passport even referred to Bow Wow as Lil’ Bow Wow.

Well, many people wondered the name of the song that Kiyomi was dancing to and now it’s blowing up on the internet. Passport shared that since he posted the video, many people have been messaging him about his song.

As for Bow Wow, as of late, he’s been receiving criticism about his new girlfriend. However, that hasn’t stopped him from defending her.

Bow Wow Checked A Man For Calling His Girl A Thot:

Bow Wow proved that he’s a compassionate man. Recently, a random fan of the rapper took a bold move and asked the Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star to send him some money. The fan asked if Bow Wow could put a $1,000 in his Pay Pal account as closed mouths don’t get fed. Appreciating the fan’s candor, Bow Wow responded by asking the fan for their cash app info. Bow Wow then took a screenshot of their conversation and shared it on his Instagram page. Out of nowhere, another Instagram user asked Bow Wow why he was so angry that his girlfriend was a thot. Bow Wow wasted no time putting the social media user in his place.


Stop talking bout yo momma like that boy, he wrote back. She sucked big daddy kane d**k the whole digital underground and even chub rock d**k. You gots to be careful. GOOD LUCK.

As you can see, Bow Wow is not here for anyone hating on him or his woman. Recently, Bow Wow let it be known that he liked talking to fans that matter. He acknowledged that he was accustomed to the criticism but Bow Wow made it known that he was not answering any more questions.

Bow Wow posted the following on his Instagram page: 

In advance…… WE CAN CANCEL EVERY INTERVIEW. Idgaf. I like talking to the ones who matter my fans. Thats it. Im not answering your questions. They dont give a fuck about me. Facts some shit i bring on myself i admit. But even when i first came out … they always never showed me love. So im on my **** you shit. Joe budden im still pulling up bro. You know that. Elliot wilson i owe you one brother. The press will no longer get that power no more. Michael jackson tried to warn us..

It looks like Bow isn’t having it with the haters this year, everyone.

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