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After Rejecting Meek Mill’s Request For Bail, His Legal Team Moves To Have Judge Removed

Posted On : December 5, 2017
Judge who sent Meek Mill to prison
Judge Genece Brinkley sent Meek Mill to prison for 2 to 4 years on a parole violation and is now being investigated by the FBI.

Yesterday, it was reported that Judge Genece Brinkley slapped Meek Mill with the book once again. However, it doesn’t look like this situation is a done deal. In fact, it may actually be the beginning of a legal war. According to XXL magazine, Meek Mill’s legal team has responded with yet another motion and this time, they’re coming for the judge. It all started with

Motion For Removal:

It has been reported Judge Brinkley filed an “Order and Opinion” in response to Meek’s attorneys’ emergency petition for him to be granted bail. She ultimately denied Meek’s request for bail “pending the adjudication of his “pending motion to modify sentence and any pending appeal.” Now, the rapper’s legal team is pulling out all the stops. Meek reportedly wants the Pennsylvania Superior Court to reconsider his request for bail because “Judge Brinkley’s motion does not mention or address the legally, logically and chronologically prior motion for the recusal.”

Although she claims the rapper is a flight risk, his attorney still argues there’s more to the story. Apparently, Judge Brinkley has been under FBI investigation since 2016. His legal team wants to make it known that they are aware of the investigation and they believe she should be removed from the case due to that and conflict of interest. Meeks’ legal team argues that the investigative probe raises questions about Judge Brinkley’s ability to preside over the rapper’s case in a manner that is fair and just. “How could she sit in judgment? She can’t,” said defense attorney Joe Tacopina.

The Judge’s Arguments:

Despite the public outrage over Meek Mill’s incarceration, Judge Brinkley claims she’s given Meek Mill several chances to clean up his act, but to no avail. However, his attorneys argue that Judge Brinkley stepped out of line on numerous occasions.

In one instance, they allege, the judge suggested Mill record a version of the Boyz II Men song “On Bended Knee” and mention the judge in it. This interaction occurred in the judge’s chambers, and a transcript is unavailable. The appeals also said the judge “stepped out of the proper judicial role” by visiting a site where Mill was doing community service. – ABC News

Hopefully, things turn around in Meek Mill’s favor.

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