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Remember Roxanne Shante’? You Won’t Believe What She Looks Like Now!

Posted On : February 17, 2016

Roxanne-Shante-3Ok, so if you were born after 1985, Roxanne Shante’ might be a distant memory for you, or it could mean that your aren’t a true hip-hop head and you’re missing the essence of “When Rap Was Real”! Roxanne Shanté, a.k.a Lolita Shanté Gooden is a hip-hop pioneer and one of the first female rap artists to hit the game.

queenofqueens-Roxanne-ShanteAt the young age of 14, she dropped the hit single “Roxanne’s Revenge”. “Roxanne’s Revenge” was aimed at the guys of the group UTFO and their song, “Roxanne, Roxanne”. We’ll come back to that whole story on another day, but nowadays, you can see Shante speaking at different events, and she must have found the fountain of youth because she looks great. If you were looking for her to be down on her luck and looking a mess…nope! She’s doing well these days and from we last hear, she’s taken over nights at a Memphis radio station, The Vibe 98.9.

Check out some pics of Shante to see what she looks like now.

Roxanne Shante 1985 and 2015 comparison | Photo Credit: @imroxanneshante


Photo Credit: via Instagram @imroxanneshante


Shante At Work, The Vibe 98.9 | Photo Credit: @imroxanneshante

Her most popular record, “Roxanne’s Revenge” launched her and producer Marley Marl into stardom. After selling over 250.000 copies in New York alone, her success didn’t last long. At the age of 25, Shante pursued a college education, however, she didn’t stay in college long but reported that she had and started a private practice counseling women after having earned a PHD. These claims were proved to be false and Roxanne Shante admitted that she lied about obtaining an professional degree. Having looked at a bad situation that came to light in a good way, she felt that she’d helped inspire women to continue on to get an education. We wish Shante much success, as in the midst of her success and falls, she is still here and she hasn’t succumb to the pressures of her career and life.

Photo Credit: via Instagram @imroxanneshante


Photo Credit: via Instagram @imroxanneshante


Photo Credit: via Instagram @imroxanneshante

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