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Remy Ma Fires Vincent Herbert As Her Manager’ Image

Posted On : February 7, 2018

Back in November, Remy Ma announced that she had signed a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Records and that she had hired new management. She told Wendy Williams that her husband Papoose will always be in the picture, but that she had hired Vincent Herbert to help take her career to the next level. Remy wanted her husband back after spending so much time apart during her prison stint.

But on Wednesday morning, TMZ reported that Vincent wasn’t doing the job that she hired him to do. Remy Ma had given Vincent Herbert his walking papers. Vincent says that they have it all wrong.

Sources close to Remy told TMZ that she was unhappy with Vince’s performance as a manager. He is in the middle of a very public divorce and custody battle with his wife Tamar Braxton. Vincent is reportedly spending more time trying to win her back than he is spending on growing Remy’s career.

Vincent has branded himself a “super manager” who credits himself for the success of Lady Gaga and Tamar among other artists. But those close to the situation say that Remy was not impressed. She expected him to do the basic things that managers do including booking shows and studio time. Sources said that he was deficient in those areas and that Remy doesn’t have time to wait for Vincent to work through his personal drama.

The Tamar & Vince co-star adamantly denies TMZ‘s reports. He called The Wendy Williams Show to let them know that he still works for the veteran rapper. As a matter of fact, he and the “Wake Me Up” singer had a meeting scheduled on Wednesday and nothing about their professional relationship had changed. Oddly enough, Remy Ma has yet to issue a statement either confirming or denying the claim.

Since his split from Tamar, whom he once represented, Vincent has sought work elsewhere. In December, he signed on to manage Xscape (sans Kandi Burress). The group reunited for a tour, announced plans to record a new album, and have since dropped two singles.

As a music producer, Vincent has worked with Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child, and many others. His resume is impressive, but in the music industry an artist is only as good as their last hit. Remy needs Vincent’s focus. And losing clients back-to-back would do nothing to help his professional reputation.


The question of whether or not Vincent has been fired by Remy Ma is bound to come out sooner than later. In the meantime, Remy is in the studio working on new music. Check it out:


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