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So Sad…Peter Gunz Opens Up About Being Molested As A Child

Posted On : December 5, 2017

Sexual misconduct is probably one of the most controversial topics of 2017. Over the past few months, victims have come out of the woodworks with mounting allegations against some of the biggest names in Hollywood. From Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein to Matt Lauer and Russell Simmons, the sexual misconduct allegations are all over the place and now victims who previously remained silent are finally speaking out about their own disheartening experiences. According to BET, Love & Hip Hop star Peter Gunz is the latest celebrity to speak out.

Molested As A Child:

In a new clip of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, Peter recalled the disheartening time in his childhood when he was molested by a woman. “I was molested by an older woman. She use to do some very inappropriate things to me,” he explained. The former rapper-turned-reality star went on to speak more graphically about the woman in question. He also explained why he kept the situation a secret for so long. “Yeah, put her mouth in appropriate places. She made me scared to tell.

Check out the clip of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars where Peter Gunz discussed the situation:

A Lasting Affect:

Peter Gunz went on to discuss explain how the sexual abuse impacted his future relationships with women. The older he got, he actually became the aggressor in relationships as a result of how he’d been treated. “When I got older, 14, 15 – the girlfriend’s I had. I was pressuring them into have sex. I feel like I took the abuse that I got and put it on other people. I always will regret that.” He added, “I was abused and I abused other people.”

Peter Gunz confession follows an interview where comedian Deray Davis revealed he was a victim of similar sexual abuse when he was younger. The comedian recalled being molested by two 30-year-old women. Like Peter, the abuse he suffered ultimately impacted his life and perspective of relationships with women. Hopefully, these guys can recover from the abuse they suffered and have healthy relationships in the future.

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars airs each Friday on WeTV.

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